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R-Design RC LE Copper Emerald Green TX Wheels

R-Design Limited Edition Copper Plated & Emerald Green Ultra…

New over at R-Design are Limited Edition Copper Plated & Emerald Green Ultrawide TX Wheels. These transmitter wheels are a very limited release and have been designed to fit various Futaba, Flysky, Sanwa, and KO Propo transmitters. These wheels are wider than the stock units to help give you extra comfort and control. The extra width can help keep your [...]


HIRO SEIKO aluminum steering wheel

HIRO SEIKO Aluminum Steering Wheels

As an rc’er, nothing is more personal to you than your transmitter and replacing the wheel is a great way to add some bling factor while improving its feel. Also, if you are one of those guys that likes to rip the wheel off with a Superman death grip after you get hacked (read- someone like Cubby), a sturdy aluminum [...]