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Traxxas TRX-4 Traxx Video

Video – Traxxas TRX-4 Traxx Mini Moab Adventure

Over at Traxxas they have announced that their TRX-4 Traxx now comes with a Free $80 Tire Bundle. Basically, now you can have your cake, and eat it too! Now the Traxx model comes with not only the hardcore off-road Traxx set, but also with a set of highly scale realistic tires and wheels. This makes the Traxx model even [...]


Traxxas Traxx Deep Terrain Video

Video – Traxxas TRX-4 Traxx Deep-Terrain Domination

Have you tried a set of Traxx from Traxxas yet? The Traxxas Traxx are great for difficult terrain, or to simply give your rig an extreme new look. Watch below to see a set of the Deep-Terrain Traxx forge through a deep water crossing, as well as through some gnarly mud and snow. After the video you can use this link [...]


Installed the Traxxas Deep Terrain TRX-4 Traxx Video

We recently got our hands on the new Traxxas Deep Terrain TRX-4 Traxx, and it was time to get them installed. I met up with Bill and Jeremy at a local scale crawl that was happening, tossed the new Deep Terrain Traxx to Wrench and said GO, then started to film. Sadly, the slipper let go shortly into the run [...]


Traxxas Deep-Terrain Treads TRX-4 Traxx

New Traxxas Deep-Terrain Treads For TRX-4 Traxx

New from Traxxas are Deep-Terrain Treads for their popular TRX-4 Traxx. The deep-terrain treads were specifically designed for use in snow, sand, and of course, deep mud. Check out these features- * Treads dig deep into loose surfaces for maximum bite * Wide contact patch provides additional flotation * Takes just minutes to install * Comes as a set of four * Requires #8880 Traxxas [...]



A little bit ago Traxxas sent us the new TRX-4 Sport with TRAXX, and if you haven’t seen our unboxing go check it out! I was skeptical at first about the new version of the TRX-4, I honestly thought they just put the TRAXX set on the Sport and called it good. As you can tell in our unboxing I [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Traxx Pacific Coast Crawling Video

Traxxas TRX-4 with Traxx – Pacific Coast Crawling Video

To promote their new off-road Traxx, the good folks over at Traxxas have posted a new video. The Pacific Coast Crawling Video does a great job of showing how well the Traxxas Traxx work over a variety of difficult terrain. The Traxx set for the TRX-4 scale rock crawler is available right now and perfect for your next trail run. After [...]