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Treal Aluminum Frong Steering Knuckles for the Traxxas Sledge - Red 2

Treal Aluminum Front Steering Knuckles for the Traxxas Sledg…

Treal has introduced a new option part for the 1/8-scale Traxxas Sledge. Aiming to provide style and durability to the big basher, you can upgrade to Treal’s Aluminum Front Steering Knuckles. Made from 7075 aluminum and available in an array of color options (black, blue, green, and red), these steering knuckles utilize a larger-than-stock bearing for smoother rolling performance. This steering [...]


Losing grip – Hitting the Traxxas Sledge with a sledgehammer

Right now, a lot of us want a Traxxas Sledge, the latest and want to be greatest bash machine out there. I want one too, but due to a limited budget am sadly not likely toget one. Anyway, suppose I do buy one (birthday is coming up), would I want to hit it with a sledgehammer? Would you? For reference, [...]