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JConcepts F2 Body Tekno ET48 2.0

JConcepts Announces F2 Series Body for the Tekno ET48 2.0

Now shipping from JConcepts is an F2 Series Clear Body for the mighty Tekno ET48 2.0. The F2 bodies from JC are designed for high-end performance, while also having a cutting edge look. Here are the highlights- * Reduced surface area above the shock tower line * Lightweight design * Original JConcepts F2 design * Direct fit for the Tekno ET48 2.0 * Blended wing [...]


JConcepts S15 8th Truck Truggy Body Video

Video – JConcepts S15 1/8th Truck Body

Recently uploaded by JConcepts is a video for their new S15 1/8th Truck Body. The S15 is the latest and greatest in 1/8 truggy body technology and uses the new style “behind the front shock tower” styling. Designed to fit truggies like the MBX8T, RC8T4, 8ight-XT, D8T, or NT48 2.0, this S15 is ready to win at any level of [...]


JConcepts S15 8th Truck Truggy Body

JConcepts Announces S15 1/8th Truck Body

Shipping now from JConcepts is the S15 1/8th Truck Body. A staple of the race body line-up at JConcepts, the S15 has won races all around the globe and now you can get one to fit your MBX8T, RC8T4, 8ight-XT, D8T, or NT48 2.0. Here are the highlights- * IFMAR World Championship winning design * Original JConcepts S15 styling * Forward cab bias [...]


JConcepts 8th Recon Buggy Truggy Tires

JConcepts Announces 1/8 Recon Buggy & Truggy Tires

New from JConcepts are their Recon Race Tires for 1/8th buggies and truggies. The Recon tires use a horizontal design to giving you cutting edge traction. Here are more highlights- * Original design by JConcepts * Horizontal pins with flap, paddle movement * Diamond cluster grouped pins * Ghosted X-Pattern repeated * Inner radial ribs, continuous contour carcass * Available in 3 popular rubber compounds * Includes [...]


Xray 2024 XT8 Nitro Bruggy Truggy Kit

Xray Announces 2024 XT8 Nitro Bruggy/Truggy Kit

As it is nearly May, the crew at XRay is now starting to drop new models for 2024. The first of their 2024 model releases is for their 1/8th scaled XT8 Bruggy/Truggy Kit. This beast of a race machine can use either a traditional truggy, or a new style bruggy style body, and of course is set-up to win at [...]


AKA RC 8th Diamante 4.0 Truggy Tires

AKA 1/8 Diamante 4.0″ Truggy Tires

New from AKA are 1/8 Diamante 4.0″ Truggy Tires. Sized to fit modern racing truggies, the Diamantes are designed to give you increased grip on dusty surfaces. Here are more highlights- * Engineered for hard-packed, dusty, blown-out tracks * Available in AKA’s two popular winter rubber compounds * Latest generation closed cell foam inserts included * Unique diamond tread pattern for increased traction on [...]


Mugen Seiki RC MBX8TR Nitro Eco Truggy

Mugen Seiki Announces MBX8TR Nitro and MBX8TR Eco Truggies

Over at Mugen Seiki they have announced their 1/8 MBX8TR Nitro and MBX8TR Eco truggy kits. Both truggies have several new parts to increase stability, rear traction, to improve tuning options, as well as to improved jumping and landing. Here are the highlights- * New “C” and “D” suspension mounts to increase tuning range * New 4 shoe clutch on the nitro [...]


HPI Racing Vorza S Truggy FLUX

HPI Racing Announces New 2022 Vorza Truggy Line-up

That’s right folks, the crew at HPI Racing have announced 3 new Vorza Truggies to their growing line-up of RTRs. You can choose from an updated brushless Flux power Vorza, one with nitro power, or the new Vorza S that comes with numerous hop-ups. The classic Vorza is still one of our favorite bash rigs, but we can’t wait to [...]


Redcat Racing Piranha TR10 Taking on the Elements

Watch the Redcat Piranha TR10 Truggy Take on the Elements [V…

Budget-friendly and built to bash, the Redcat Racing Piranha TR10 Truggy can hold its own against just about any type of terrain. Kicking up dirt and ripping through water is solidly in its DNA. This sub-$150 radio-controlled machine is no slouch, as evident from Redcat Racing’s latest video. If you’re curious about this entry-level truggy, see how it handles some extreme [...]


Tekno RC NT48 2.0 Nitro Truggy Kit

Tekno RC NT48 2.0 Now Available for Pre-Order

For all you hardcore Tekno fans out there, they have just announced that pre-order is now open for their upcoming NT48 2.0 nitro truggy kit. Tekno has always designed their products for maximum speed, as well as durability. The 2.0 version of the NT48 has been upgraded to increase performance. Here are the highlights- * Starts shipping later this week * Innovative [...]


JConcepts F2 Body Mount Adaptors Nose Piece

JConcepts F2 Body Mount Adaptors & Body Nose Piece

When JConcepts first introduced their F2 1/8 Truggy body it was a huge departure from the norm. With more of a buggy look than truck, the F2 was designed for 100% all out performance. To help bring all that performance to all the big hitters in the class, JConcepts has just announced new Body Mount Adapters, as well Nose Pieces. [...]


JConcepts F2 8th Scale Truggy Truck Body

JConcepts F2 1/8th Truck Body

New from JConcepts is an F2 Series Body for 1/8th scaled off-road trucks. Designed for absolute performance, the F2 can help put you on the top step of the podium. Here are the highlights- * Reduced surface area above the shock tower * Designed to fit Mugen, Team Associated, TLR, HB, and Tekno truggies * Carbon fiber adaptors used for a proper fit * [...]


2022 XRay XT8E Electric Truck Kit RC

2022 XRay XT8E 1/8 Electric Truck Kit

New from XRay is the 2022 edition of their 1/8th scaled XT8E Electric Truck Kit. The XT8E is a high-end race rig that has won races all across the globe. The 2022 edition sports a number of upgrades for improved durability, as well as better handling. Here are the highlights- * New E concept w/ two different layout alternatives * New chassis [...]


2022 XRay RC XT8 8th Scale Nitro Truck Kit

2022 XRay XT8 1/8 Nitro Truck Kit

Coming soon from the folks at XRay is the 2022 edition of their XT8 1/8 Nitro Truck Kit. The XT8 has long been one of premier trucks in the 1/8th scale class, for 2022 it has been revised to be better than ever. Check out these highlights- * New chassis plate with wider rear section * Chassis has mount for a graphite [...]


JConcepts 1/8 Reflex Buggy Tires Aqua Compound

JConcepts 1/8 Reflex Truggy Tires Now In Aqua (A2) Compound

Over at JConcepts they have announced that their Reflex 1/8 truck tires will soon be available in Aqua rubber compound. The Reflex tires are great for blue groove tracks with dust around the outside, soon you can get the benefits of Aqua compound that include longer wear, along with impressive grip. * JConcepts original tread design, available in multiple compounds * Square, [...]