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Satin Black Traxxas UDR Build

Big Squid Builds A Satin Black Traxxas Unlimited Desert Race…

When we first saw the Satin Black Chrome Upgrades for the Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer, we were blown away with how cool they looked. Since then we’ve been able to lay our diff-grease stained hands on a full set of satin black parts for our in-house UDR to check out how easy they are to install, plus how it changes [...]


RC4WD Tamiya Isuzu Mu Upgrades Scale Accessories

Tamiya Isuzu Mu Type X Scale Upgrades From RC4WD

If you own a Tamiya Isuzu Mu Type X, today is your day! RC4WD has just announced over a dozen new scale accessories to make your Isuzu the coolest one on the trail. Here ya go folks, here are all the new goodies- #VVV-C0557 – Snorkel SPECS: ABS Plastic Injection Molding Weight: 0.07oz / 2.1g $36 #VVV-C0558 – Mirror and Rear Logo Decals SPECS: Self Adhesive Weight: [...]


Carisma 4XS Upgrade Parts

All New Carisma 4XS Alumium C-Hubs

The folks over at Carisma have just announced new Aluminum C-Hubs for the 4XS. The 4XS is Carisma’s full scoot 4wd race buggy, now you can make yours more durable while getting more tuning options. * CNC machined from 7075 aluminum * C-hubs move front wheels 1mm forward * 5, 8, or 11 degrees of caster * Anodized for a factory look * 15947 5 [...]


kyosho Javelin Red Black Roll Cage

Black And Red Roll Cages & Wings For The Kyosho Javelin

Recently posted on Kyosho’s official blog are new Red and Black Roll Cages and Wings for the legendary Javelin. One new cage is molded in red, while another has been molded out of black plastic, thus making it easy to give your Javelin a whole look, without using any paint. #OTB247 black Javelin body #OTB247R red Javelin body #OT252 black Javelin wing #OT252R red [...]


Graupner PRO Firmware Upgrade

Graupner MZ-18 & MZ-24 Pro Firmware Upgrade

Recently announced by Graupner USA is a program for you to upgrade your MZ-12 or MZ-18 transmitter to a Pro model via a firmware update. The firmware update gives your Graupner transmitter a slew of cool new upgrades to help make your flying better than ever. The firmware update is priced at $49 and you can get full details by using [...]


ST Racing Aluminum Parts for Traxxas 4Tec 2.0

Are you stoked about having your brand new Traxxas 4Tec, but can’t stand breaking parts? No longer worry with aluminum upgrade parts for Traxxas 4Tec from ST Racing. Get their aluminum bell crank set to see an increase in steering power and precision, not to mention the new bling to make your car shine even more! Check out the rest of [...]


Pro-Line Traxxas TRX-4 Upgrade Video

Video – Pro-Line Upgrading The Traxxas TRX-4

The good folks over at Pro-Line have put together a really neat Video on Upgrading The Traxxas TRX-4. The video, shown above, not only gives you all the part numbers you need to upgrade your rig with ultra-high performance Pro-Line products, but also shows you exactly how to remove, and install, the new items. The video goes over bolting up [...]


Traxxas Slash Upgrades AsiaTees Hobbies

Upgrades for the Traxxas Slash from AsiaTees Hobbies

The folks over at AsiaTees Hobbies have put up an article that shows off many of the different Traxxas Slash upgrades that they carry. From brands like RPM, Killerbody RC, MIP, and LouiseRC, they have you covered on some of the most popular upgrades for the Slash. Find out more At This Link over on the official AsiaTees website. Hit This [...]


SSD 2 Speed Transmission Conversion for Axial Yeti

Need a little more top end from your Axial Yeti? The folks from SSD RC have announced a new 2 Speed Transmission Conversion for the Axial Yeti. Features: * Hardened steel gears and shafts * Hardened steel gear shift mechanism * CNC machined aluminum shift servo mounts * Direct fit into Axial Yeti transmission and chassis * High gear is faster than the stock gear [...]


Hot Bodies TCXX Upgrade Pack

Hot Bodies TCXX Upgrade Pack

The new Upgrade Pack for the Hot Bodies TCXX was first shown at Nurnberg in January, now HPI/HB has released full details. To boil it down, it comes with a slew of upgrades to make your TCXX touring car the best it can be. Some of the upgrades included with the pack are- * V2 rebuild-able DCJ set * One piece servo [...]


RPM RC Products

BigSquidRC Road Trip – RPM RC Products

It would be difficult to find a more iconic name for basher parts than RPM RC Products. For years the RPM crew has been making ultra tough plastic parts to give bashers more time driving, and less time wrenching. When you look around the BSRC offices nearly every one of our “personal vehicles” has RPM parts all over it. RPM is [...]


Vaterra halix upgrade servo xpert

Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #6 – Upgrading the Servo

While the stock servo in the Vaterra Halix works fine for general bashing, to go truly high performance a better servo needs to be installed. A better servo will not only be faster than the stock unit, but also have more power for keeping those big tires pointed where you intend them to be. For our Halix project we decided to [...]


Xpartus Carbon Fiber Kit Duratrax Nissan Camaro

Xpartus Carbon Fiber Kit for Duratrax Nissan GTR/Camaro ZL1

There is a new company on the scene called Xpartus making some very trick carbon fiber upgrade parts for the Duratrax Nissan GTR and Camaro ZL1 nitro touring cars. Their first release is an entire carbon fiber upgrade kit to make the Duratrax cars tougher, faster, and to boost their bling factor. We have had a bunch of good times [...]


Vaterra Halix Hop-up turnbucles tie rods

Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #5 – Upgrading the Turnbu…

This week in our Vaterra Halix upgrade series we’ll be showing you how to install new turnbuckles. There are a couple of good reasons to do this, the first being that the stock units can break during hard bashing, the second is that the stock units are not adjustable. Being able to adjust tire camber and front toe-in comes in [...]


Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3 New Pro-Line Wheels Tires

Hop-Up Series Part #3 - Thunder Tiger MT-4 G3, Installing Ne…

One of the most cost effective ways to gain performance on any rc car is to install new wheels and tires. This is especially important in todays high powered world of brushless and Lipo. Today there is more juice on tap than ever before making it even harder to put all the power to the ground. The stock tires on [...]