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RC4WD 2S-6S LiPo USB Charging Adapter

RC4WD 2S-6S LiPo To USB Charging Adapter

Shipping right now from RC4WD is a 2S-6S LiPo to USB Charge Adapter. Have you ever been way back on the trail and need to charge your phone? The RC4WD adapter makes it easy to use the battery inside your scale crawler to power a USB charge port for your phone. * Input voltage range – 6-26 volts DC * Output [...]


GForce DC Multi Tap

GForce DC Multi Tap

Coming soon from GForce is a DC Multi Tap. If you are new to the hobby, the multi tap would be used to help distribute power from your DC power supply. This can come in handy if your power supply has only one set of outputs but you are using multiple battery chargers. The GForce unit has three sets of [...]


Hitec Pokemon Go Multi Jump Charger USB Output

Hitec Japan Pokemon GO Multi Jump Charger

Since we have lots of readers allover the world, this will be interesting for more than a few people. The crew over at Hitec Japan have released a photo of how versatile their Multi Jump Charger is. Not only can it be used to jumpstart cars, but it also makes a pretty handy portable cell phone charger for playing Pokémon [...]


Pokemon GO GT Power Portable USB Output

GT Power Portable USB Charger For Pokémon GO

Do you have a bunch of LiPo batteries laying around your house? Have you found yourself totally addicted to Pokémon GO? If so, an rc company named GT Power has an item for you. GT Power makes a Portable Cell Checker that has a USB Output Port. This allows you, the serious Pokémon GO player, to use your rc LiPo [...]


GT Power USB Charger

GT Power Portable USB Charger

Wouldn’t it be nice to use one of your normal LiPo batteries to charge your cell phone? Thanks to GT Power, now you can. GT Power’s new Portable USB Charger plugs right into your LiPo and has a 5 volt 1 amp USB output on the back. It can also be used as a normal cell checker, showing total pack [...]


Gens Ace Power Bank 3.7v 10400mAh USB Portable Battery Charger

Gens Ace Power Bank 3.7v 10400mAh USB Portable Battery Charg…

How many times have you been out in the boonies bashing or on a trail drive far from any source of AC or DC power and your cell phone needed to be charged? It happens to us all the time. Gens Ace has a new Power Bank USB Portable Charger to keep your cell phone or tablet going on those [...]


ProTek R/C Prodigy "TakeCharge" USB Charging Adaptor

ProTek R/C Prodigy “TakeCharge” USB Charging Adaptor

Lets say you need to charge up a USB device but the only power source you can get your hands on is a Lipo battery. Normally you would be out of luck, but not with ProTek’s new Prodigy TakeCharge USB Adaptor. With this unit you can plug in any 2S-4S Lipo/LiFe/LiIon battery and power a USB port to charge your [...]


Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W ACDC Charger Multi-Tool

Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W ACDC Charger and Multi-Tool

Battery chargers seem to get more exotic every year, the new Dynamite Passport UltraLite 50W AC/DC Multi-Tool is a good example of this. The new Dynamite is not just an AC/DC charger, it is much more, and it will look like some sort of multi-meter when sitting on your pit table. Some of the features and specifications are- * 50 watts [...]