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Bittydesign Seven20 GT Clear Body RC

Bittydesign Seven20 GT Clear Body

Coming soon from Bittydesign is the 1/10th scaled Seven20 GT Clear Body. The Seven20 GT looks to be a great choice for USGT competition, or for your next 1/10th speed run build. Modeled after real supercars, the Seven20 GT was designed for high-end track performance. * Styled like the British GT3 supercar class * Low nose to enhance steering * Made using the [...]


Exotek P1-Z USGT Clear Race Body

Exotek P1-Z Clear Race Body

Over at Exotek Racing they have announced a new P1-Z clear body. The P1-Z was designed for use in USGT competition and was designed for serious speed and handling. * Aggressive front splitter, flared fenders * Down-force inducing side skirts * Serious aero package with minimal drag * Made from a proprietary custom produced polycarbonate * Dual trim lines * Ample tire clearance * Includes wing hardware, [...]


Exotek J-Zero USGT Body

Exotek 1/10 J-Zero Clear USGT Body

New for all you USGT racers out there is a J-Zero body from Exotek Racing. The J-Zero was designed from the ground up for maximum performance. Here are the highlights- * Aggressive aero package with minimal drag * Muscular fenders, aggressive front splitter * Low slung hood, plus downforce inducing side skirts * Sports car cockpit * 2 different trim lines * Comes with large rear [...]