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Vanquish Products Currie F9 Front Axle Axial Capra

Vanquish Products Currie F9 Front Axle For Axial Capra

Over at Vanquish Products they have announced a new Currie F9 Front Axle for the Axial Racing Capra. The new fully licensed Currie axle features an offset pumpkin and a slight increase in camber. Here are more details- * CNC machined aluminum construction * One-piece machined bearing retainers * Over 50 degrees of steering * Extra mounting holes on rear of truss * Bent stainless [...]


Vanquish Products KMC 2.2 XD229 Machete Wheels Bronze

Vanquish Products KMC 2.2″ XD229 Machete Wheels in Bronze

The crew over at Vanquish Products have announced that their 2.2″ KMC 2.2″ XD229 Machete Wheels are now available in Bronze. The new Bronze coloring and tough KMC Machete styling can help give your next scale build a rugged look. Here are the highlights- * Fully licensed by KMC * Beadlock design * Incredibly scale realistic * Width- 1.2″ * Sold in pairs The Vanquish Products [...]


Vanquish Products Incision KMC 1.9" Panzer Wheels

Vanquish Products Incision KMC 1.9″ Panzer Wheels

New from Vanquish are Incision KMC 1.9″ Panzer Wheels in clear and black. Officially licensed by Incision, these have the scale realism you desire, with all the trail worthiness that you require. Here are the highlights- * Only 5 screws for rapid tire changes * Strong, lightweight design * Grade 5 stainless steel hardware * Internal clamp ring beadlock mounting system * Detailed center cap [...]


Vanquish Products VS4-10 PRO Scale Crawler Kit

Vanquish Products VS4-10 PRO Scale Crawler Kit

Now available for pre-order is the VS4-10 PRO scale rock crawler kit from Vanquish Products. The VS4-10 PRO is a high-end scale rock crawler that comes with a number of innovations to put it at the top of the heap. Here are the details- * Improved approach and departure angles * Greater steering angle * Innovative VFD dig ready transmission * Solid chassis components [...]


Vanquish VS4-10 Chassis Kit

Vanquish Drops New VS4-10 Chassis Kit

New for the scale crawling scene is the Vanquish Products VS4-10 Chassis Kit. The Vanquish chassis kit makes a great base to start a custom build or it can be used to convert your SCX10 II. The VS4-10 chassis kit is a high clearance design that comes with a steel c-channel frame, LCG battery position, molded plastic fuel cell, and [...]


Vanquish VS4-10 Scale Crawler

Announced – Vanquish VS4-10 Origin Limited Scale Crawler!!!

Wow!!! Here ya go hardcore scale crawlers, Vanquish is here to show the crawling world what’s up with their all new VS4-10 Origin Limited. The VS4-10 was designed from the ground up to be the ultimate scale crawler, with a heavy focus on quality and durability. Here we go folks, strap in for a multitude of highlights on a high-end [...]


Vanquish Currie Portal F9 Axles Front SCX10II

Vanquish Currie Portal F9 Axles For The SCX10II

New from Vanquish Products are Currie Enterprises Portal F9 Axles for the SCX10II. These portals can give your rig more ground clearance and are direct replacements for Axial AR44 axles. * 13mm increase in ground clearance, equivalent to over 1″ taller tires * Adjustable gear reduction * Available in black or clear * Comes with Vanquish AR44 machined gear set * Chromoly spool * Complete Fast [...]


Vanquish Incision Plastic KMC Machete Wheels

Vanquish Incision Plastic KMC Machete Beadlock Wheels

Recently announced by Vanquish Products are 1.9″ Incision KMC Machete Beadlock Wheels. These are now being offered in plastic as a high-quality, yet affordable, alternative to machined aluminum. The Machete’s are a full beadlock design and also offer adjustable offsets. The wheels do come with aluminum inner and outer beadlock rings and are compatible with Incision aluminum hubs. Street pricing for [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – The Ripper

The biggest news in the scaling community as of late was Vanquish Products announcing their ultra high-end “Ripper Project” would be available for order to those interested in getting one. Everything on the chassis/body is custom machined out of billet aluminum, save for a few 3D printed accessories. The price? $1,899. You then have to supply additional parts to complete the build. [...]


Vanquish ar60 dual shock link mount

Vanquish Products AR60 Dual Shock/Link Mounts

New from the folks over at Vanquish Products are AR60 Dual Shock/Link Mounts. These add a nice touch of style while you are customizing your rig. The link and shock locations are threaded, making for an easier install, and they are available in either black #VPS08090 or clear anodized #VPS08091. Street pricing for the mounts is $24 and you can get [...]


Incision RC – Stainless link kit for your Axial Bomber

Incision RC reached out to us today to tell us about their new stainless link kits available for your Axial Bomber It’s an 8 pc set to beef up your Axial RR10 Bomber. Being that these are from the Incision line they are made of 1/4 inch stainless steel and come in at a lower price point than the titanium [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – To Bling or Not to Bling

To bling or not to bling, that is the question I’m asking this week. I’ve got a project monster truck in the works and I plan on hanging a pair of Vanquish F9’s under it. It’s going to be my first purchase of complete machined housings and as such the question above is on my mind. You see in most of r/c [...]


Incision CVDs for your Axial RR10 Bomber/Wraith/Deadbolt/SCX…

Vanquish Products are at it again with their new Incision line of affordable parts. The Idea? A high quality parts line manufactured in the USA at an affordable price. VP knows their parts come at a premium, thats because they try and bring you a no compromise top tier parts line with an emphasis on creating the nicest parts possible. [...]


Incision chromoly spool/lockers for your Axial SCX10 or AR60…

For you hardcore scaler guys out there who twist your stock Axial lockers into metal shavings Incision has this great looking spool for your SCX10 or AR60 based axle. Incision is a division of Vanquish Products so you can bet the quality and durability will be top notch. Get them now before they are all gone. Price: 18.99 available now Pick up your [...]


Everybody’s Scalin’ – Axial Aluminum Aftermarket Axle Wars

If you’re a fan of scale solid axles then you have no doubt been paying attention to the insanity that is the current state of the Axial vehicle aftermarket. For the last few years, the gold standard for scaler axle upgrades was (is?) the Currie RockJock, produced by Vanquish Products (VP). VP is known for bulletproof design and impeccable machine work, [...]