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PUBG RC Buggy Unboxing Video from TTRCSPORT

New from TTRCSPORT is this sweet looking RTR PUBG RC Buggy. If you are a huge fan of the game, this might be a must have for you. This isn’t your typical promotional rc toy that you get with a game, this is way closer to a true hobby grade RC vehicle. If you are new to the channel, please [...]


rcMart RC Simulation 2.0 Game

rcMart Pardners with RC Simulation 2.0 PC Game

The crew over at rcMart wanted us to let you know that they are the title sponsor of the brand new PC game called RC Simulation 2.0. This is a game where you can do everything from flying a drone, to driving an rc car, to rc crawling, to driving an rc boat. The game even allows you to connect [...]


splinter cell connectors edition rc plane

Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector’s Edition with RC Plane!

Wow! When we started seeing games ship with RC cars, I thought that was pretty wild, but anyone can ‘drive’ a rc car. Now Ubisoft has announced the Splinter Cell Blacklist Collector’s Edition is going to come with a 3-Channel Custom RC Plane! This one blows our mind because we know not ‘anyone’ can fly a plane. It’s a dual [...]


Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road Racing Trailer 2

Our friends from Mindwedge have released a new Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road Racing game trailer. Just like before there are some good shots of the giant Squiddy, and I think you can still see the Big Squid RC truck as well. It’s a PC racing game that plays like Mario Kart mixed with some Off Road action. Several RC companies [...]


revolt game

Revolt RC Game Coming to iOS

With everyone waiting on the iPhone 5 announcement today, it seemed like a good time to mention an upcoming iPhone game. Revolt was easily one of the best PC RC games ever made. It’s over 10 years old now, and still looks and plays good. It will be interesting to see if the game gets just a port [...]


monster minis

Monster Minis Extreme Help Vote Onto Steam

A while back we posted about a game called Monster Minis Extreme from Mindwedge. We have been informed that it has made its way over to Steam Greenlight. Meaning people can vote to help it get onto Steam. TONS of people use Steam, so getting Greenlighted is a big deal for these guys. If you have a moment, head on [...]


Call of Duty Black Ops2 With Drone Quad-Copter

Call of Duty- Black Ops 2 Care Package Comes with a Quadcopt…

Just like you guys, several of us here at BigSquidRC are big gaming fans. Brian ran across the news today that the new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 special edition Care Package will be loaded up with a trick Quadcopter. It looks like a AR Drone type, but there is no official word if it is actually one or [...]


monster minis extreme game

Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road Racing Game

You are seeing that correctly, our own Squiddy is making his first appearance in a video game! The new Monster Minis Extreme Off-Road Racing game has been recently released by Mindwedge. A while back we got to know the guys from Mindwedge as they are a local game company in the Chicago area, and with my connection with games, it [...]


motorstorm rc

MotorStorm RC on PS Vita and PS3 Includes Skatepark Bashing

Probably the only reason to own a PS Vita is that the new MotorStorm RC game is FREE to download and play for North America folks for a short time. (Thanks to a Toyota and Scion promotion) The best thing about the game, is the included skatepark bashing that you can see at the beginning of the following video! [...]


Motorstorm RC

MotorStorm RC for PS3 and PS Vita

Just announced from Evolution Studios is a new game for the PS3 and PS Vita called MotorStorm RC! MotorStorm was a huge hit on the PS3, and it’s cool to see them using all that technology to cram it into a RC version. The game promises four locations on 16 tracks. Does it bug anyone else that nobody has made [...]


Traxxas Short Course App

Traxxas Short Course Shootout App Review

Traxxas Short Course Shootout iPhone App ReviewIn an interesting twist for us and the RC world, there are starting to be more and more RC related phone Apps. When we found out there was going to be a Traxxas app, and it was going to be more than a gear checker or wallpaper viewer, it got our attention. So does [...]


Traxxas Ken Block/Dirt 3 Bundle from Gamestop!

I’m a pretty big rally/gymkhana fan, so pre-ordering Dirt 3 was a given. However, Gamestop has the ultimate deal for video game fans, race fans, and RC fans! You can now order Dirt 3 for PS3 or


Call of Duty – Black Ops RC-XD Video Review

Just added some video of the COD – Black Ops RC-XD vehicle in action with a mini review for your viewing pleasure. Please check out the video, and feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel!Feel free to check out the written review in our RC Reviews section or just go directly to the COD Black Ops RC-XD Car [...]


Call of Duty – Black Ops RC-XD Vehicle Review!

Just posted to the RC Reviews section is the COD Black Ops RC-XD Car Review!. Want to know if getting the Call of Duty Prestige Edition was worth it? Is the car total junk like the Gears of War RC Centaur Tank? Or is it actually usable? Click the pic or link to find out our thoughts! You may be [...]


Call of Duty – Black Ops RC-XD Car UnBoxing Pictures

So we picked up the new Activision Call of Duty BLACK OPS Prestige Edition with the RC-XD Vehicle today, and thought we’d share the unboxing photo’s. At first glance I was pretty worried it was going to turn out like the Gears of War Centaur Tank fiasco, [...]