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ARRMA Voltage Price Drop and Second Look $99!

We were recently informed about the ARRMA Voltage line getting a big price drop to $99, and at a sub one hundred dollar price, we thought maybe we should talk another look at these vehicles. This past week we hit JuiceBox Off-Road Park for a little fun, and wow did we have a blast! We’ll do a full write up [...]


max amps low voltage alarm

MaxAmps Low Voltage Alarm Review

The MaxAmps Low Voltage Alarm ReviewI’m sure all of us have ruined at least one LiPo battery pack by running it way below the cut off voltage. You are out there bashing with friends, not paying attention, and before you know it, your vehicle comes to a halt. Another situation, though not as bad.. you bring it in to the [...]


Futaba High Voltage Servos

Futaba have released three new High Voltage servos, of which two should be of interest to the car and truck guys. The new S9352HV and S9353HV servos both have the same s/0.06 speed and humungous 306 oz/in torque, but the difference is the S9353HV boasts a full metal case for extra durability.  The BLS256HV servo is intended for helicopter rudder use, as it significantly lighter [...]