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New over at ARRMA is a Wide Arm BOOST Box. This new wide arm kit is designed to fit ARRMA’s 4×2 Mega Boost series vehicles and is used to widen your rig for increase handling in corners. Here are the highlights- * Easy upgrade for your 4X2 BOOST vehicle * Also compatible with the 4X4 MEGA and 3S Granite and Vorteks * Includes [...]


Pro-Line 10th Scale 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor Clear Body

Pro-Line 1/10 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor Clear Body

Over at Pro-Line they have just dropped a 1/10 2022 Ford F-150 Raptor Clear Body. The P-L Ford Raptor is sized to fit 1/10th monster trucks and has enough attitude to really turn heads. Here are the highlights- * Rugged Ford Raptor pre-runner styling * Officially licensed by Ford * Direct fit on the 1/10 ARRMA Vorteks * Includes detailed 37 Performance Package Graphics * [...]


ARRMA Vorteks 4X2 Boost Mega 550 Brushed Stadium Truck

ARRMA Announces 1/10 4X2 Boost Mega 550 Brushed RTR Line-Up

New from ARRMA is a three truck line-up of 1/10 4X2 Boost Mega 550 Brushed RTRs. This affordable line was designed for first time drivers, but all three trucks are packed with performance. All three units are available for pre-order right now with street pricing of just $199. Here are the highlights- * 2-wheel drive 4X2 transmission * Easily upgradable to 4X4 [...]


T-Bone Racing Wheelie Bar Arrma Vorteks 4x4 3S

T-Bone Racing Wheelie Bar for the Arrma Vorteks 4×4 3S

Over at T-Bone Racing they have released a new Wheelie Bar for the super popular ARRMA 3S 4×4 Vorteks. This wheelie bar also comes along with one of TBR’s classic rear bumpers to add serious protection to the back of your truck. Here are the highlights- * Designed for serious protection * Replaces stock bumper and mounts to existing brace * Wheelie bar [...]


KC RC Tower 2 Tower Brace ARRMA Vorteks 3s

KC RC Tower 2 Tower Brace for the ARRMA Vorteks 3s

New over at KC RC is a very beefy Tower 2 Tower Brace for the ARRMA Vorteks 3S RTR. This tower brace is made from heavy duty aluminum and is ready for the worst that you can throw at it. Here are the highlights- * Brace made from 7075 T6 aluminum * Comes with mounting hardware * Easy to install * Made in Quebec, [...]


ARRMA 10 Vorteks 3S BLX Stadium Truck RTR

ARRMA 1/10 Vorteks 3S BLX Stadium Truck RTR

Over at ARRMA they have just announced their fastest 1/10 4×4 to date- their new Vorteks 3S BLX Stadium Truck RTR. This third version of the 4×4 Vorteks is fully loaded with all the latest in bashing technology. Here is the good stuff- * Fastest and most technically advanced 1/10 4X4 in the ARRMA lineup * Engineered to deliver astonishing speed, control, [...]


RPM ARRMA A-Arms 1/10

RPM A-Arms For ARRMA 1/10 Vehicles

Attention all you ARRMA 1/10th scale owners, RPM has just announced new A-Arms for you. Thanks to RPM, now you can upgrade both the front and rear arms on your ARRMA Granite, Vorteks, Raider, Fury, or Mojave. The arms are molded from RPM’s legendary plastic blend and are engineered to be significantly stronger than the stock units. The arms are [...]



STRC Aluminum Option Parts For ARRMA Vehicles

Coming soon from ST Racing Concepts are more Aluminum Option Parts for 1/10th ARRMA vehicles. All the parts are CNC machined from high quality aluminum, they will be available in a wide variety of colors, and they were designed to fit the Granite, Raider, Vorteks, Fury and Raider XL. The aluminum upgrade parts should help make your ARRMA more durable [...]


2016 ARRMA Fury Mega Brushed

ARRMA Updates Their 1/10th Brushed Line-up

ARRMA has become one of the best and most popular bash companies on the planet. We see lots of their brushed series of 1/10th scalers at every bash we go to, for 2016 ARRMA has made a few small changes to make them better than ever. As you can see by the pictures, the Mega Series brushed Fury, Raider, Granite, and [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 03.26.2014, Version- Better Call Cubby

“Witch kit to pick Hey Cubby I am in the market for a 1/10 scale stadium truck and I have narrowed it down to the arrma vortex BLS or the AE T4.2 RTR. I am just a general basher and I do have a small track at my house. Your opinion will be greatly appreciated. Thanks Erich D.” Cubby- Well hey there Erich, congrats on [...]


ARRMA Option upgrade parts

Red Anodized ARRMA Aluminum Upgrade Parts

It’s been a big day for ARRMA RC here at BigSquidRC. We posted the first unboxing pictures of the Kraton Monster Truck last night and today we get to post a slew of aluminum upgrade parts for their renowned 1/10th scale line-up. The new ARRMA aluminum upgrades were designed to be tough, easy to install, and to turn heads. Precision manufacturing [...]


ARRMA Mega Series

2014 Mega Series Vehicles from ARRMA

The Mega Range of vehicles from ARRMA RC were designed to offer the maximum bang-for-your-buck. With prices starting at just $159, and with legendary ARRMA bashing ability, the Mega line is perfect for having fun at an affordable price. Some of their features include- * 1/10 Ready to run * Fully waterproof * 15 turn Mega brushed motor * 2.4GHz radio system * High quality [...]


2014 ARRMA BLS Series Rtr

2014 ARRMA Brushless BLS Series RTRs

The folks over at ARRMA have just released information on their 2014 BLS Series vehicles. The entire line-up is designed for high performance and low maintenance, and is said to be capable of 30+ mph without gearing changes, option parts, or special batteries. They also sport new livery and a 2 year limited warranty. Some of the upgrades over the MEGA [...]


2014 ARRMA Mega RTR

2014 ARRMA Mega Series RTR’s

The 2014 Edition ARRMA Mega Series RTRs come with all the 2013 upgrades, plus some updates for the new year. The updates to the affordable brushed Mega Series include- * Re-engineered LiPo ready chassis with more strength * Steering servo is now easily accessible * Waterproof electronics * Molded in channels for the servo wire * Accepts 7-cell NiMH/NiCd packs without modification * Composite transmission gears [...]


ARRMA Polar VORTEKS Snowmageddon Video

ARRMA Polar VORTEKS Snowmageddon Video T-shirt Giveaway

The good folks over at ARRMA have a new promo that makes it easy to score a free t-shirt. All you have to do is film your ARRMA RTR out running in the snow then post the video up on the ARRMA Facebook page. Assuming you have some snow in your area it sounds like an easy way to score [...]