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Axial Wraith Spawn – Let the upgrades begin!

Hey Squidders, sorry I have been MIA for a couple of weeks, had some family issues that needed attending to. I’m back with some updates on the Wraith Spawn build thats been on my bench for a bit. When we left off I was getting ready to take it for it’s first spin and see how things play out. Which [...]


Vanquish Products V2 Wraith/Yeti Axles

Vanquish Products machined aluminum axles have long been a hit with Axial Wraith and now Yeti owners. This product has been around a few years and naturally the company finds ways to improve their products through tons of customer feedback. Que the V2 VP Wraith/Yeti Axle housings. The stock design of the wraith axle has long been a weak point [...]


Yeti XL axle housings from Vanquish Products

Well the new is barely worn off of our review unit Yeti XL so we knew the aftermarket would not be far behind. Popular Axial upgrade artists Vanquish Products have been hard at work developing their new aluminum scale axle housing for the XL. These should be a nice bump in durability for the beast of a machine. Features: -Aluminum bearing retainer [...]