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Pro-Line Prime Buggy Tires

Pro-Line Prime Slick Buggy Tires

The new Prime slick tires from Pro-Line Racing can be good for the track or for bashing. At high-bite tracks they can save the time it takes to prepare/grind down a normal set of tires, while for bashing they can give you great traction with very little wear when driving on pavement or other hard surfaces. The Primes come with [...]


Pro-Line Velocity VTR 2.4 2WD 4wd Hex Front Wheels

Pro-Line Velocity VTR 2.4″ 2WD & 4wd Hex Front Wheels

To run the new high-zoot 2.4″ tires from Pro-Line you are going to need the appropriate wheels. No worries mate, as Pro-Line has announced VTR 2.4″ Front Wheels for an array of tenth scale race machines. The VTR wheels are larger in diameter and come with the 8th scale buggy style bead needed to run the latest generation of race [...]


Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4" Buggy Rear Tires

Pro-Line Electron VTR 2.4″ Buggy Rear Tires

2.4″, 8th scale type bead tires are all the rage in the 10th scale class now days, and Pro-Line has announced their latest entry into the class, Electron rear tires. These are part of their VTR line-up, meaning they are 2.4″ in size with the new style (for tenth scale) beads. The tread design on the Electrons is best suited [...]


Pro-Line VTR 2.4 Wheels

Pro-Line VTR 2.4″ Wheels & Tires

The latest in uber performance wheels/tires for 1/10 scale buggies is the VTR 2.4″ line-up from Pro-Line. The VTR 2.4s have a larger diameter wheel giving the tire a shorter sidewall for better traction. The 8th scale type bead gives more surface area to glue to, resulting in less tires coming loose from the bead. Now available in the VTR 2.4 [...]