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Traxxas Maxx Aluminum Upgrades Accessories

New 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck Accessories From Traxxas

New from Traxxas are loads of Upgrades and Accessories for their 1/10 Maxx Monster Truck. From anodized aluminum parts, to heavy duty TUBES toe links, to GT-Maxx shock upgrades, Traxxas is offering a plethora of new goodies, in various different colors, for Maxx owners. #8976A White Wheelie Bar – $24 #8976G Green Wheelie Bar – $24 #8976R Red Wheelie Bar – $24 #8976T Orange [...]


T-Bone Racing Speed Run Wheelie Bar 6S Arrma Kraton Typhon Talion

T-Bone Racing Speed Run Wheelie Bar For 6S Arrma Kraton/Typh…

New from the crew at T-Bone Racing is a Speed Run Wheelie Bar for the 6S ARRMA Kraton, Typhon, and Talion. This wheelie bar was specifically designed for the incredible rigors of high speed runs. A good wheelie bar helps to keep all 4 wheels on the ground, something that isn’t easy going 70 mph+. Here are some highlights- * Perfect [...]


RPM Wheelie Bar Mount Traxxas Rustler 4×4

RPM Wheelie Bar Mount for the Traxxas Rustler 4×4

The good folks over at RPM have just announced a new Wheelie Bar Mount for the Traxxas Rustler 4×4. The new mount was designed to be simple, yet effective. It was engineered to be more durable than the stock unit, plus it adds adjust-ability. Here are the highlights- * Solid mounting points for stable performance * Adjustable design * Requires Traxxas #3678 to [...]


JConcepts Associated SC6.1 Shock Tower Wheelie Bar Kit

JConcepts Associated SC6.1 Shock Tower & Wheelie Bar Kit

New from JConcepts is a Shock Tower & Wheelie Bar Kit for the Team Associated SC6.1 short course truck. These two items are used to help turn your SC6.1 into a no-prep drag racing missile. Here are the highlights- * Aluminum and carbon fiber construction * Easy to install * Heavy-duty 3mm hardware * Compatible with parts from JConcepts Shapeways store * Lowered tower for [...]


STRC Aluminum Wheelie Bar Kit Traxxas Slash Rustler Bandit

STRC Aluminum Wheelie Bar Kit For The 2WD Traxxas Slash/Rust…

New from ST Racing Concepts is an Aluminum Wheelie Bar Kit for the 2wd Slash, Rustler, and Bandit from Traxxas. The wheelie bar is 7″ in length and was designed for the growing “no-prep” drag racing scene. Here are the highlights- * Single or dual wheel set-ups * Adjustable angle * Adds stability for hard launches * Solid aluminum construction * Uses high quality bearings * [...]


T-Bone Wheelie Bar PRO-MT 4x4

New T-Bone Racing Accessories For The PRO-MT 4×4

The folks at T-Bone Racing are well known for making ultra-durable bash bumpers. Recently they set their sites on the Pro-Line PRO-MT 4×4 and came up with a new Wheelie Bar, Front Bumper, and Rear Bumper. All three are made from T-Bone’s ultra-durable plastic and were designed to take maximum punishment. The Wheelie Bar is priced at just $11 [...]


Yeah Racing Aluminum Shock Absorb Wheelie Bar

Yeah Racing Aluminum Shock Absorber Wheelie Bar

Just announced by Yeah Racing is an Aluminum Shock Absorber Wheelie Bar. The wheelie bar is made to fit the Tamiya WR02, WR02G, and GF01, and it is said to make your vehicle more stable while holding long wheelies. The unit be run with one oil damped shock or with two, and can be adjusted by changing oil or shock [...]


T-Bone Racing Wheelie Bar ARRMA Nero

T-Bone V2 Wheelie Bar For ARRMA Nero

When you remotely lock all the smart diffs on an ARRMA Nero, it becomes a wheelie machine. To help you ride wheelies longer without having to worry about flipping over backwards, T-Bone Racing has a V2 Wheelie Bar for your truck. The version 2 wheelie bar for the Nero allows you to dial in different mounting angles, making it easy [...]


RPM Wheelie Bar X-Maxx

RPM Goodies For Traxxas X-Maxx

Coming soon from RPM is a Low Visibility Wheelie Bar and Rear Bumper Mount for the Traxxas X-Maxx. The bumper mount is built beefy like a large skid plate and was designed to accommodate the low vis wheelie bar. Both are made from RPM’s legendary blend of plastic and are made right here in the USA. The wheelie bar [...]


T-Bone Racing V4 Wheelie Bar Traxxas X-Maxx

T-Bone Racing V4 Wheelie Bar For The Traxxas X-Maxx

New and hot from T-Bone is the Version 4 Wheelie Bar for the Traxxas X-Maxx. TBR has fine tuned the wheelie bar to make it better than ever. If you like doing block-long wheelies with your X-Maxx, this item should be a must have. Some of the changes on the V4 include- * Longer rear bumper skid that uses M4 screws [...]


T-Bone Front Bumper Durango DEX8T

T-Bone Upgrades For The Durango DEX8T

If you’ve been following our March Bashness contest, then you already know that our readers have voted the Durango DEX8T as one of their top 8 bash-mobiles of 2016. To make the big Durango even better, the good folks over at T-Bone Racing have 4 new upgrades for it. First up is a Wide Basher Front Bumper. Like the name states, [...]


T-Bone X-Maxx Rear Bumper Wheelie Bar Set

T-Bone X-Maxx Rear Bumper Wheelie Bar Set

All you Traxxas X-Maxx owners know that the stock rear bumper leaves a lot to be desired. The X-Maxx likes to wheelie and often times the rear bumper will catch, sending your expensive new toy into an awkward front flip that can break parts. To fix this problem, T-Bone Racing has come up with a new Rear Bumper Wheelie Bar [...]


BigDaddy Custom RC Wheelie Bar

BigDaddy Custom RC HPI Baja 5B Wheelie Bar

While people love driving their HPI Baja 5Bs, they also love to hop them up. We see them all the time with outrageous engines spanking out massive power. For the guys that drag race their 5Bs, keeping their front end on the ground can become a major concern, hence the reason that BigDaddy Custom RC has announced a new Custom [...]


T-Bone Racing Custom Rear T-Bar Set ARRMA Kraton

T-Bone Racing Custom Rear T-Bar Set for the ARRMA Kraton

So you’ve got that beast of a truck called an ARRMA Kraton, but you can’t keep from flipping it over backwards. Thankfully the crew at T-Bone Racing have a new Custom T-Bar to help keep it on its wheels. The TBR wheelie bar was designed for use on both pavement and on dirt and comes with 1.75″ wheels. TBR’s lifetime [...]


T-Bone Racing Vaterra Halix Wheelie Bar

T-Bone Racing Wheelie T-Bar for Vaterra Halix

There is no doubt the Vaterra Halix loves to wheelie. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone made a bar with wheels on it so you could pull block long wheelies without flipping over? Cue the music for T-Bone Racing. Their T-Bar mounts right up to the stock Halix rear bumper and will instantly make your truck a whole lot easier to [...]