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RC4WD Dirty Life RoadKill 1.7 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Dirty Life RoadKill 1.7″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels

Just announced by RC4WD are fully licensed Dirty Life RoadKill 1.7″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. The Dirty Life wheels feature a modern/tough look that is quite popular now days. Here are the details- * Officially licensed by Dirty Life Wheels * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Available with black or silver anodized finish * Outer Diameter- 48mm * Width- 1.88″ * Weight- 1.63oz You can click [...]


RC4WD Raceline Monster Traxxas UDR Aluminum Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Monster Aluminum Traxxas UDR Wheels

For all you Traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer owners out there, RC4WD has just dropped some fully licensed Raceline Monster Aluminum Wheels. The Raceline wheels were exactingly scaled down for a perfectly scale appearance. Here are the highlights- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Durable black anodized finish * Weight- 5.15/5.16oz * Width- 1.49/1.53″ * OD- 3.5/3.62″ The RC4WD Raceline Monster Traxxas UDR Wheels are [...]


CEN Racing American Force Forged Aluminum Monster Truck Wheels

CEN Racing American Force CNC Forged Monster Truck Wheels

Are the new American Force CNC Forged Wheels from CEN Racing the best looking monster truck wheels ever? Well, everyone’s taste is a bit different, but the American Force wheels from CEN are absolutely gorgeous. Fully licensed, the wheels have incredible scale realism to go along with their incredible looks. The wheels are available in three different colors, as well [...]


JConcepts 2.6 Krimson Dually Wheels

JConcepts 2.6″ Krimson Dually Wheels

New from the crew at JConcepts are 2.6″ Krimson Dually Wheels. Dually style wheels can completely change the look of your rig and can also be advantageous in deep mud. Here are the highlights- * 2.6″ bead, designed to fit JC Fling King tires * Durable stepped wheel design * Comes with off-set adapters * Install hardware included * Mega truck styling * 12mm wheel hex The [...]


Pro-Line 10th Scale Monster Truck Tires Wheels ARRMA Traxxas

Video – Pro-Line Tire & Wheel Upgrades for ARRMA & Traxxas

New from Pro-Line is a video for their ARRMA & Traxxas Tire & Wheel Upgrades. Watch the video below to see the Pro-Line crew send-it with a PRO-MT, as well as with ARRMA and Traxxas 1/10 monster trucks. Pro-Line has long been making the very best tires you can buy, watch the video to see how you can use Pro-Line [...]


Carisma Aluminum Range Rover Wheels Tires

Carisma Aluminum Wheels & Scale Tires for the Range Rover Cl…

Shipping soon from the good folks at Carisma are Beadlock Aluminum Wheels and Scale Tires for Range Rover scale crawlers. Both units were designed for true scale realism, perfect for your next, or last, Range Rover build. * CNC machined aluminum 3 spoke wheels * True beadlock design * Easy to add weight to wheels * True scale soft compound 95mm tires * Perfect for [...]


Pro-Line 6x30 14mm Aluminum Wheel Hex Adapters

Pro-Line 6×30 to 14mm Aluminum Wheel Hex Adapters

Just announced by Pro-Line are 6×30 to 14mm Aluminum Wheel Hex Adapters. These heavy duty aluminum units can be used to help beef up your removable hex P-L 2.8″ monster truck wheels, or can be used to replace a stripped out hex. Here are the highlights- * Designed for hardcore bashing * Made from CNC machined aluminum * Clear anodized aluminum finish * Fits [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Mounted Sand Paws

Four New 2.8″ Pre-Mounts From Pro-Line

Coming to a hobby shop near you soon is four new Pre-Mounted 2.8″ monster truck tires from Pro-Line. To save you time the Pro-Line crew has announced that their Sand Paw, Prime, Badlands, and Masher monster truck tires will soon be available pre-glued for your convenience. Better still, they all come on Pro-Line’s uber new Raid 6×30 removable hex wheels. * [...]


Pro-Line Pomona Drag Racing Wheels

New Pomona Drag Racing Wheels From Pro-Line

Just announced by Pro-Line are new Pomona Drag Racing Wheels. These were designed for the ever growing no-prep SCT drag racing scene. The Pomona wheels fit the Slash short course truck and mate with Pro-Line’s new, and fully licensed, Hoosier drag racing tires. * Perfectly sized for Pro-Line’s Hoosier Drag Slick SC Tires * Scale spoke detailing just like at Pomona Drag [...]


RC4WD Raceline Combat 1.55 Aluminum Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Combat 1.55″ Aluminum Wheels

Take our money now! New from RC4WD are some very trick Raceline Combat 1.55″ Aluminum Wheels. These fully licensed wheels have a great modern look and are machined from billet aluminum. * Black anodized finish * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Weight- 1.41oz * Width- 0.78″ * OD- 1.8″ The part number for the RC4WD Raceline Combat 1.55″ Aluminum Wheels is #Z-W0292 and a set of [...]


RC4WD Rover Classic Vogue 1.9 Wheels

2 New Rover 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels From RC4WD

New from RC4WD are a pair of new Rover Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. The Rover wheels are incredibly scale realistic, yet were designed to handle serious off-road driving. Here are more details- * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Beadlock design * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Silver anodized finish * Width- 1.02″ * Positive Offset- 0.07″ Both designs are street priced at $118 for a set of [...]


Pro-Line Sand Paw LP 2.8 Mounted

3 New 2.8″ Low Profile Pre-Mounts From Pro-Line

The folks over at Pro-Line have announced 3 New 2.8″ Low Profile Pre-Mounts for your bashing enjoyment. Soon you will be able to get their 2.8″ Street Fighter LP, Sand Paw LP, and Trencher LP conveniently pre-mounted on black Raid removable hex wheels. Street pricing for each pair comes in at just $39 and you can hit up This Link to [...]


RC4WD Raceline Monster Traxxas UDR Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Raceline Monster Aluminum Wheels For Traxxas UDR

Shipping right now from RC4WD are Raceline Monster Aluminum Wheels for the Traxxs Unlimited Desert Racer. These immaculately scaled wheels sport serious scale realism, here are some highlights- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Anodized black finish * Weight- 5.16oz * Width- 1.53″ * 2.2″/3.0″ tire bead sizing * Beadlock design The RC4WD Traxxas UDR Raceline Monster Aluminum Wheels are priced at $69 per pair [...]


RC4WD Fuel Offroad Zephyr Aluminum 1.9 Wheels

RC4WD Fuel Zephyr 1.9″ Aluminum Wheels

Shipping right now from RC4WD are new Fuel Zephyr 1.9″ Aluminum Beadlock Wheels. These gorgeous wheels have been meticulously scaled for your rock crawling enjoyment. Here are some features and specifications- * Fully licensed by Fuel Offroad * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Anodized black finish * Incredible detailing * Weight- 2.73oz * Width- 1.02″ * Negative Offset- 0.25″ Pricing for the RC4WD [...]


FireBrand RC High-Five Pro-Series 1.9 Wheels

FireBrand RC High-Five Pro-Series Aluminum 1.9″ Wheels

The crew over at FireBrand RC consistently put out trick new products. Their latest, High-Five Pro-Series 1.9″ Wheels, might be their best looking yet! The new FireBrand wheels have been meticulously designed for an aggressive street look, and lets face it, nothing is cooler than a new set of aluminum wheels. Here are some of their highlights- * Premium wheel set * [...]