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RC4WD OEM Stamped Steel 1.55 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Chrome OEM Stamped Steel 1.55″ Wheels

Shipping now from RC4WD are Chrome OEM Stamped Steel 1.55″ Wheels. These wheels have been designed to give your rig a heavy dose of scale realism and are tough enough for serious rock crawling. * Standard 12mm hex * Weight- 1.36oz * Internal beadlock system * Removable center hub * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Fits standard 1.55″ tires The wheels come in a set of [...]


Integy High Mass Crawler Wheels Tires

Integy High Mass Wheel/Tire Combo For Crawlers

The crew at Integy has announced a new High Mass 2.2″ Wheel/Tire Combo. The high mass set is for 2.2″ rock crawlers and were designed to place more weight down low on your crawler to help improve performance. * Beadlock design * Simulated center cap * Comes with 14mm hubs to increase width * Sold in pairs * Available in red, green, blue, gold, or [...]


RC4WD Truescale Series 1.7 Wheels

RC4WD Truescale Series 1.7″ Wheels

How does RC4WD keep putting out such hot looking wheels? We don’t know, but their new Truescale Series 1.7″ Beadlock Wheels are seriously on-point. Made from CNC machined billet aluminum, the Truescale wheels are sure to add some awesome bling factor to your off-road rig. * Anodized silver & black finish * Standard 12mm wheel hex * Come as a set of four * [...]


Traxxas TRX-4 Kit

New Traxxas Products At SEMA 2017

Yesterday we posted about the new ’79 Ford Bronco body from Traxxas, today we are posting more new products that are on display at the SEMA show in Las Vegas. Well known as being one of the leaders in ready-to-run trucks, Traxxas has announced a new TRX-4 Kit. The scale crawling crowd loves to build their trucks from the ground, so [...]


RC4WD Predator Bundles

RC4WD Predator Winter Bundles

If you’ve been thinking about adding tracks to your rig this winter, RC4WD has a deal for you. Recently announced by RC4WD are Predator Winter Bundles. These convenient bundles are available for a wide variety of trucks and come with everything needed for a proper install. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Comes with all terrain rubber tracks * Tracks are bearing [...]


RC4WD Fuel Offroad Battle Axe 2.2 Wheels

RC4WD Fuel Offroad Battle Axe 2.2″ Wheels

Get your bling-on with RC4WD’s new 2.2″ Fuel Offroad Battle Axe Wheels. The officially licensed wheels have serious attitude and make it easy to give your rig an instant face-lift. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Black anodized * Scale wheel nut cover * Amazing scale detailing * Standard 12mm hex * Width- 1.38″ * Weight- 4.13oz Street pricing for a set of four runs $139, they [...]


FireBrand RC CrownJewel Fang pre-mounts

FireBrand RC CrownJewel-RT/Fang Pre-Mounts

The folks at FireBrand RC are constantly turning out trick new products. Their latest is CrownJewel-RT race wheels pre-mounted with Fang rubber tires. This combo not only delivers better traction, but can also add a radical new look to your car. * Fits most 1/10 touring/drift cars * High quality ABS wheels * 2 wheels come with 3mm offset, the other two are [...]


RC4WD RBP Swat 2.2 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD RBP Swat 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels

Have you been looking for a hot looking set of 2.2″ sized wheels? If so, have a look at the new RBP Swat Beadlock Wheels from RC4WD. The RBP wheels are fully licensed and are an incredible scale representation of the full sized units. * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Anodized black * Incredible scale detailing * Scale wheel nut cover * Standard 12mm [...]


PROTOform Pre-Mounted VTA Tires

PROTOform Pre-Mounted VTA Tires

To help get you on the line even faster for your local VTA racing class, PROTOform has announced Pre-Mounted VTA Tires. Fully approved for USVTA racing, these not only look good, but can also give your car more grip. * Pre-mounted for your convenience * Available with white or black wheels * Sold in pairs * Suitable for prepared asphalt, carpet, or parking lots * [...]


FireBrand RC CrownJewel-DT39 Wheels Pre-Mounted Mohawk Drift Tires

FireBrand RC CrownJewel-DT39 Wheels With Pre-Mounted Mohawk …

Now here is a tough looking set-up for your on-road machine, CrownJewel-DT39 Wheels With Pre-Mounted Mohawk Drift Tires from FireBrand RC. With these being pre-glued for your convenience, they give you more time to get your drift on. Here are some of their highlights- * Come as a set of four * Two wheels have a 3mm offset, the other two have [...]


SSD 1.9 Rock Racer Wheels

SSD 1.9″ Rock Racer Wheels

Bolt a hot new look on your rig with 1.9″ Rock Racer Wheels from SSD. The Rock Racer wheels sport a tough look and are CNC machined from billet aluminum. Here are more of their features- * Anodized in black * 12mm wheel hex * Internal beadlock design * Yellow zinc plated scale hex head bolts * Removable hub * Fits all 1.9″ tire brands * Weight- [...]


RC4WD Rally 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Rally 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

Now shipping from RC4WD are 1.9″ Rally Beadlock Wheels. The Rally wheels feature a stock steel type of look, but are made from CNC machined aluminum with an ABS injection molded center hub. * Stamped steel chrome beauty ring * Internal beadlock design * Removable center hub * Grey finish * Width- 1.27″ * Positive Offset- 0.67″ * Weight- 2.96oz Street pricing for a set of four is [...]


RC4WD Rotiform Six-OR 2.2 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Rotiform Six-OR 2.2″ Beadlock Wheels

Yesterday we posted about RC4WD’s new 1.9″ Rotiform wheels, today we get to post about a 2.2″ version. Shipping right now from RC4WD are 2.2″ Rotiform Six-OR Beadlock Wheels. These have a sweet modern look and are of course fully licensed. Here are more details- * CNC machined from billet aluminum * Intricate scale detailing * Gun metal anodizing * Scale wheel nut covers [...]


RC4WD Rotiform SNA 1.9 Beadlock Wheels

RC4WD Rotiform SNA 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

For all you guys looking for your next set of scale wheels, RC4WD has announced Rotiform SNA 1.9″ Beadlocks. These are of course fully licensed and sport a trick modern look. CNC machined from billet aluminum, the Rotiform beadlock wheels were designed for serious durability with serious bling factor. * Anodized in a gun metal color * Superb scale detailing * Uses [...]


FireBrand RC HyperNova-RT39 Wheels Fang Tires

FireBrand RC HyperNova-RT39 Wheels With Fang Tires

Do you need a hot looking set of wheels/tires for your on-road machine? If so, check out the HyperNova-RT39 Wheels With Fang Tires from FireBrand RC. The HyperNova wheels are made from a high quality ABS plastic and have an ultra-trick look. The wheels come pre-mounted with Fang tires. The tires are a medium compound for good traction and wear, [...]