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Pro-Line Keystone 1.55 Bead-Loc Wheels

Pro-Line Keystone 1.55" Black Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Whee…

Coming to a hobby shop near you soon are Keystone 1.55″ Black Plastic Internal Bead-Loc Wheels from Pro-Line. The affordable Keystone wheels are all new and feature a great scale appearance. Here are the highlights- * Only 5 screws per wheel for mounting tires * Unique 3-piece plastic wheel design * Fits 1.55″ crawling tires * 10 D-shaped holes to mimic steel wheels * Blacked [...]


Pro-Line Aluminum Slot Mag 1.55 Crawling Wheels

Pro-Line Aluminum Slot Mag 1.55” Rock Crawling Wheels

Just announced by Pro-Line are some very trick Aluminum Slot Mag 1.55” Rock Crawling Wheels. These high-end wheels have a classic look and are made from CNC machined aluminum. Here are the highlights- * Scale realistic version of classic Slot Mag wheels * Machined aluminum wheel face * Standard 12mm wheel hex * 3-piece wheel design * Fits 1.55″ rock crawling tires * Center and back [...]


Locked Up RC 1.9 Generator AO8 Internal Bead Lock Wheels

Locked Up RC 1.9″ Generator AO8 Internal Bead Lock Wheels

New from the crew at Locked Up RC are 1.9″ Generator AO8 Internal Bead Lock Wheels. The new Generator AO8 are significantly lighter than most crawling wheels and works with standard 1.9″ crawling tires. Here are the highlights- * Features 10 dual level spokes for a unique look * Works with AO8 style axle flange & optional 1.9″ Easy Mount rings * Uses [...]


Locked Up RC 1.9 H3X SLW Crawler Wheels

Locked Up RC 1.9″ H3X SLW Rock Crawler Wheels

New from Locked Up RC are 1.9″ H3X SLW scale wheels for rock crawlers. With a mix of classic and modern wheel design, the H3X SLW wheels are easy to customize and make it simple to give your rig a new look. Here are the highlights- * Lightweight design, internal bead locks * Uses 1 external and 1 internal ring * Fits 1.9″ [...]


CEN Racing KG1 Forged Wheels RC

CEN Racing Announces Partnership With KG1 Forged Wheels

Over at CEN Racing they have just announced a New Partnership with KG1 Forged. Last year CEN Racing rocked the rc world when they dropped their immaculate Ford F-450, and now with their new KG1 Forged collaboration, we expect to see some very trick scale wheels coming our way in the near future. As we await more details, you can use [...]


CEN Racing RC Spiked Wheel Lugs

CEN Racing Spiked Wheel Lugs in Black & Silver

Shipping right now from CEN Racing are Spiked Wheel Lugs in Black or Silver. These aggressive wheel lugs are perfect for giving your CEN Ford F-450 a lot more attitude. Here are the highlights- * Now shipping in black or in silver * Comes with 2.5mm adapter tool * Aggressive look * Fits CEN Racing Ford F-450 The CEN Racing Spiked Wheel Lugs are street [...]


Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba Tires & Vice CrushLock Wheels Video

Video - Pro-Line Interco Black Mamba Tires & Vice CrushLock …

Over at Pro-Line they have posted a new promotional video for their ultra-gnarly Interco Black Mamba Tires & Vice CrushLock Wheels. The P-L Interco Black Mamba tires were designed from the ground up for maximum performance in mud. No matter if you are racing in a mud bog, or if you are just into finding the deepest mud hole that [...]


Killerbody RC Aluminum Wheels Touring Cars

Killerbody Aluminum Wheels For 1/10 Touring Cars

Now shipping from Killerbody RC is a full line-up of Aluminum Wheels for 1/10th scaled touring cars. The Killerbody aluminum wheels have a great scale look and were designed to withstand the rigors of daily bashing. With close to 20 different styles available, all at affordable pricing, the Killerbody aluminum wheels are perfect for your next on-road build. To see all [...]


RC4WD OEM 6-Lug Stamped Steel 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels

Available now from RC4WD are OEM 6-Lug Stamped Steel 1.55″ Beadlock Wheels. If you are looking to up your style, these Stamped Steel 1.55″ wheels might be the item you need to take your scale rig to the next level! * CNC Machined * Billet Aluminum and Various Steel Materials * Fits Standard 12mm Hex * Wheel Size: 1.55″ * Each Weigh: 1.25oz / [...]


Monster Truck Madness - Pro-Line Demolishers for the Losi LM…

After the longest winter, I finally had the chance to hit the track with my Losi LMT! I was at the season opening Trigger King R/C Monster Truck Series event in Waterloo, IL, and the LMT was out in force. I’ll talk more about the competition experience next week, as right now I want to give my impressions on the Pro-Line [...]


Hudy RC Wheel Balance Putty

New Wheel Balance Putty From Hudy

A while back Hudy introduced a new wheel balancer, today they announced new Wheel Balance Putty. It doesn’t matter if you are a high-end racer, or a weekend backyard basher, balancing your wheels is one of the cheapest, and easiest ways, to improve performance. Perfectly balanced wheels not only make your truck easier to drive, but can also give it [...]


Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6 Bead-Loc 6x30 Mud Wheels

Pro-Line Vice CrushLock 2.6″ Bead-Loc 6×30 Wheels

New from Pro-Line are Vice CrushLock 2.6″ Bead-Loc 6×30 Wheels. These new wheels are a perfect partner for P-L’s new Black Mamba 2.6″ mud tires. Check out these highlights- * Wheels crush tire bead to make tire more narrow * Works with P-L’s Interco Black Mamba 2.6″ Mud Tires (#10181-00) * Innovative 6×30 removable hex system * Standard 12mm wheel hex in both wide [...]


JConcepts Magma RC Buggy Tires

JConcepts Magma 1/8 Buggy Tires and Pre-Mounts

New over at JConcepts are Magma 1/8 Buggy Tires and Pre-Mounts. That’s right folks, there is a new bad boy tire on the basher scene and its called the Magma. With big scoops and deep tread, the Magmas were designed to give your 1/8 buggy insane levels of grip. Here are the highlights- * Engineered for massive forward bite * Giant bridge [...]


RC4WD Black Rhino Armory Deep Dish 1.0 Wheels

RC4WD Black Rhino Armory Deep Dish Beadlock 1.0″ Wheels

For all you 1/18th rock crawlers out there, RC4WD has just dropped new 1.0″ sized Black Rhino Armory Deep Dish Beadlock Wheels. These are fully licensed by Black Rhino Armory and have serious amounts of scale realism. Check out these details- * Made from CNC machined billet aluminum * Standard 7mm wheel hex * Removable center hub * Fits 1.0″ sized crawling tires * [...]


Spec RC SW19-15 1.9″ Aluminum Beadlock Crawler Wheels

Looking for new wheels for your R/C crawler or scale trail rig? Spec RC has launched their latest aluminum beadlock wheel, the SW19-15. Designed to fit 1.9″ crawler tires, this wheel features a multi-spoke design in a raw aluminum finish. The wheels are 1″ wide (at the ring face) and use a 6-log SLW bolt pattern. Weighing 74g each, these wheels [...]