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Bittydesign Carbon Fiber Side Dams 8th GT Wing

Bittydesign Carbon Fiber Side Dams for 1/8 GT Wing

New from Bittydesign are some very trick Carbon Fiber Side Dams for 1/8 GT wings. These high-end carbon fiber units are easy to install and can help to increase the performance of your 8th scaled on-road car. Made from 1mm thick carbon fiber, the side dams can make a big change to the look of your car, while improving performance. The [...]


JConcepts 1/8 Scale Wing Options

Video – JConcepts 1/8 Scale Wing Options

New from JConcepts is a 1/8 Scale Wing Option Video. JC’s new 1/8 off-road wing video features Dakotah Phend and Tyler Hooks, two people that are very experienced in high-end racing. Watch the video below to hear the experts go over all the different wing options that are available from JConcepts. After the video you can use this link to visit [...]


JConcepts 8th Buggy Off-Road Front Scoop Wing

JConcepts Announces 1/8th Off-Road Front Scoop Options

The crew at JConcepts has announced new 1/8th Off-Road Front Scoop Options. For all you hardcore 1/8 scale off-road racers, these new front scoops can be used to increase steering and to lower lap times. JConcepts – Tekno NB48 2.0 & EB48 2.0 Front Scoop * Part Number – #0506 * Includes two front scoops * Map Price – $10 * Fits – Tekno NB48 [...]


SWORKz 8th Off-Road Pro Race Wing

SWORKz 1/8 Off-Road Pro Race Wing

New from SWORKz is a cool looking 1/8 Off-Road Pro Race Wing. The crew at SWORKz has improved the aerodynamics of their 1/8 wing for increased performance. Check out these highlights- * Available in black, white, or fluorescent yellow * Engineered for use on high grip surfaces * Designed to help improve straight line speeds * Fits most 1/8 buggies and truggies * Larger side [...]


Jetko Power Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button

Jetko Power Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button

Over at Jetko Power they are now showing off their Aluminum One Piece Wing Mount Button. The new wing button covers a large surface area, thus providing additional support to the rear wing. Made from 2.5mm thick aluminum, this wide coverage wing mount button can help extend wing life, while helping to bulletproof an area that takes a lot of [...]


JConcepts Front Wing Associated RC8B4 RC8B4e

JConcepts Front Wing For The Associated RC8B4 & RC8B4e

Coming soon from the crew at JConcepts is a Front Wing for the Team Associated RC8B4 and RC8B4e. The front wing replaces the stock nose cone and can give your buggy improved steering characteristics. Here is the lowdown- * Includes 2 pieces per package * Can be painted, left clear, or frosted for the desired look * Enhances steering * Direct fit for the [...]


JConcepts RC Razor 8th Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts Announces New Razor 1/8th Buggy/Truck Wing

New from JConcepts is the high performance Razor 1/8th Wing for buggies and truggies. Designed for maximum performance, the new Razor wing is available in four different colors to help match the color of your race machine. Here are more highlights- * JConcepts single vertical side-dam creation * Angled leading edge, radiused corners for less resistance * Dropped center section for lower center [...]


JConcepts Gray F2I 8th Buggy Truck Rear Wing

JConcepts Gray F2I 1/8th Buggy/Truck Rear Wing

Coming soon from the good folks over at JConcepts is a Gray F2I 1/8th Buggy Rear Wing. With the “I” meaning IFMAR competition legal, the new F2I rear wing represents the latest in 8th scale rear wing technology. Check out these highlights- * IFMAR legal side-dams * Flat base with 5 individual dividers to straight-line stability * Built-in gurney flap * Made by precision [...]


Pro-Line RC 8th Axis Buggy Truggy Wing

Pro-Line 1/8 Axis Wing

New from the crew at Pro-Line is the 1/8 Axis Wing. Designed to fit 1/8th scaled buggies and truggies, the Axis wing packs serious performance. Here are the highlights- * Performance, style, and durability * Increased forward traction, high-speed stability, and jumping consistency * Add-on wicker-bill for increased adjustment range * Pre-marked dimples make installation easy * IFMAR-spec endplates provide ideal side bite in loose [...]


Exotek Plastic Wings RC F1 Racing

Exotek Plastic Wings for F1 Racing

Over at Exotek they have just dropped a pair of new Plastic Wings for F1 racing. These lightweight units were designed to help increase durability, while also improving your car’s performance. Here are the highlights- * Weight – Rear wing 21 grams, front wing 18 grams * High downforce design * Lighter weight to improve handling * Molded in white for high visibility * Made [...]


JConcepts RM2 Bridge 8th Red Wing Button

JConcepts RM2 Bridge 1/8th Red Wing Button

To help improve durability on your 1/8 buggy, JConcepts has announced a new RM2 Bridge 1/8th Red Wing Button. No matter if you bash or race a 1/8 buggy/truggy, you know how hard it can be to keep a rear wing alive. The new JC wing button looks trick, while also making your wing more likely to live after a [...]


JConcepts Assocaited B6.2 front wing

New 1/10th Buggy Wings From JConcepts

Over at JConcepts they have announced a pair of new 1/10 Race Buggy Wings. The first is a Front Wing for the Team Associated B6.2, while the second is a 7″ Astro/Carpet Rear Wing. Here are more details- JConcepts Associated B6.2 Front Wing * High attack, v-angle wing design * Edgy design * Lightweight design * Comes with trim lines and dimpled hole locations * Original [...]


JConcepts F2I 8th Scale Buggy Truck Wing

JConcepts F2I 1/8 Buggy Or Truck Rear Wing

Just announced by JConcepts is the F2I 1/8 Buggy/Truck Wing. The F2I is IFMAR legal and was designed to enhance handling, while also looking cool. Check out these highlights- * Industry first built-in gurney * Recessed IFMAR legal side-dams * Molded grid on bottom for easy mounting * Flat base, split deck design * 5 center dividers * Made from a durable plastic * Light-weight design * Available [...]


Pro-Line Pre-Cut Air Force 2 HD Wing

Pro-Line Pre-Cut Air Force 2 HD 6.5″ Clear Rear Wing

For all you racers out there, Pro-Line is releasing a Pre-Cut Air Force 2 HD 6.5″ Clear Rear Wing. Pre-cut to save you time, the Air Force 2 HD wing is ready to put you in the winners circle. * Pre-cut for your convenience * Fits most 1/10 buggies * Large radius corners for increased durability * Designed using the latest CAD technology * Cutting [...]


JConcepts RM2 “Clover” 1/8 Wing Buttons

Are you tired of tearing off the wing on your 1/8th buggy while hardcore bashing? The folks at JConcepts have just announced their RM2 “Clover” 1/8 Wing Buttons. The JC wing buttons have a large diameter to help keep your wing on, even during the hardest of bash sessions. Here are the details- * Machined from aluminum with a clover style [...]