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Acer SILVERWORM Silver Plated Silicone Wire

Acer SILVERWORM Silver Plated Wire

Cheap wire can have high resistance. This means that more of the power from your battery is lost as heat, instead of making its way to your power system. Simply put, if you want maximum power, you need to use good wire. New from Acer Racing is Silverworm Silver Plated Wire. Silverworm uses a silver coating over copper strands to keep [...]


RC Gear Shop Squid Charge Leads

RC Gear Shop Squid Multi Connector Charge Lead Cord

Here is something that every basher needs in their toolbox, the Squid Multi Connecter Charge Lead from RC Gear Shop. With so many different connectors on the market now days, the Squid makes it easy to charge nearly any battery pack. Simply plug the Squid into your charger then use its 8 different connectors to charge everything from a LiPo [...]


Reedy Connectors and Wire

Reedy 13-Gauge Pro Silicone Wire & Low-Profile Caged Bullet …

Why would you need the new 13-Gauge Pro Silicon Wire or Low-Profile Caged Bullet Connectors from Reedy? Many racers custom wire their vehicles to eliminate excessive wire length and connectors. On the bashing side they would also come in handy for custom installs of speed controllers. Either way, Reedy has announced several new part numbers to help make your custom [...]