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HPI Racing WR8 Flux Subaru Impreza Unboxing

We recently got our hands on the HPI Racing WR8 Flux Subaru Impreza and we are excited! Not only are we happy to see a new product from HPI Racing but also for the redesigned platform. Enjoy the videos! Please show your support and make sure you are subscribed to both channels, and bash that thumbs up! We really appreciate it!Get [...]


HPI Ken Block RS4 WR8

Latest HPI Ken Block WR8s & Micro RS4 Now Available

Hitting a hobby shop near you is the HPI Racing 2015 Ken Block WR8 Flux, WR8 3.0 Nitro, and Micro RS4. All three feature Ken’s new “Intergalactic” livery on a Ford Fiesta ST RX43 body. Now you can have Ken’s latest look while doing crazy stunts around your neighborhood cul-de-sac. The part number for the WR8 Flux is #115383, the [...]



HPI Racing Ken Block Ford Fiesta ST RX43 WR8 3.0

Like the smell of nitro in the morning? Can’t live without a car sporting a “Digital Zebra” paint job? If you answered yes to both of those questions then HPI Racing has you dialed with their new Ken Block Fiesta ST RX43 WR8 3.0. The latest version of the WR8 comes with a Nitro Star G3.0 engine and world famous [...]


HPI Rallycross Wheels

HPI Orange WR8 Method Rallycross Wheels

HPI has come up with a way for your WR8 Rally Car to really stand out in a crowd, their new bright Orange 35mm Method Wheels. Officially licensed by Method, their bright color and cool design can drastically change the look of your car. Also, these were made to be a perfect fit for several of HPI’s 2.2″ on-road tires, [...]


HPI Ken Block Fiesta WR8 3.0

HPI Ken Block Ford Fiesta WR8 3.0 Nitro Rally Car

To make their latest rally car even more scale realistic, HPI Racing has mounted up nitro power in their new Ken Block Fiesta WR8 3.0. A Nitro Star G3.0 HO engine is used to give you the smell and sound of nitro, while the WR8 chassis is based off the Bullet 3.0 monster truck for maximum bash-a-bility. A scale realistic [...]


HPI Racing WR8 Flux Ken Block 2013 GRC Fiesta RTR

HPI Racing WR8 Flux Ken Block 2013 GRC Fiesta RTR

HPI Racing has announced a new 1/8th scale WR8 Flux Ken Block Ford Fiesta. The latest version features 2013 livery for a sharp new look. Some of the other features of the Ken Block WR8 Flux 2013 Fiesta include- * Waterproof Flux 4000kV brushless system * HPI TF-40 2.4GHz radio system * Licensed fifteen52 Tarmac wheels with HPI tires * Speeds of up to [...]


RC4wd Predator Track Fitting Kit for HPI WR8 Flux

RC4WD Predator Track Fitting Kit for HPI WR8 Flux

It won’t be long until the ground is covered with fluffy white stuff, why not convert your HPI WR8 Flux into a wild snow (or sand, or dirt!) blasting machine? The RC4WD Predator Track Fitting Kit makes the conversion a snap. The RC4WD kit comes with everything you need to mount up their Predator Tracks, making your machine not only [...]


Ken Block WR8 FLUX HPI Europe Video

Video – Ken Block WR8 FLUX In Action At HPI Europe

HPI Racing has just released a new video of their Ken Block WR8 FLUX in some wild action at their European warehouse. Watch the video to see not only some sweet drift action, but also what rc is all about, having some good old fashioned fun. Don’t forget to check out the HPI Website for more information on all their [...]


HPI CNC Aluminum Gearbox Plate 101267

HPI Aluminum Front Gearbox Plate for WR8 and Bullet Series

HPI has announced a new CNC machined aluminum front gearbox plate for their popular WR8 and Bullet series of vehicles. The CNC’ed piece not only adds some nice bling to your ride, but is stronger than the stock piece. Part number for the front gearbox plate is #101267, street price is $20, and they are available right now. Hit up the [...]


HPI WR8 3.0 Flux WRC Rally Car

HPI WR8 3.0 Flux Ford Fiesta Abu Dhabi WRC RTR 4wd Electric …

Rally cars are hot, hot, hot right now, and HPI has added another one to their product line-up. The new waterproof HPI RTR WR8 3.0 Flux Ford Fiesta Abu Dhabi Castrol WRC Rally Car comes ready to rock with a 2.4 GHz radio system, Castle brushless system, and is ready for all sorts of on road or off road fun. [...]


ken block wr8

Ken Block WR8 FLUX – with Video

The HPI Racing Ken Block WR8 FLUX finally gets official! We have been posting news about the Ken Block vehicle for a while now as bits and pieces were leaked out, but the official PR is finally here. We finally get to see under the body as well. When we saw it in person we couldn’t get our eyes underneath [...]


ken block hpi

Ken Block and His Ride Over at HPI?

I know there are a lot of people out there that have been waiting for something like this! Recently a couple of photo’s popped up with Ken Block signing autographs next to what is most likely a HPI WR8 3.0 with a Ken Block 2012 paint job on in. Aww yea! We are ready to get our drift on now. [...]


hpi wr8 rally

HPI WR8 3.0 Ford Fiesta Abu Dhabi Castrol WRC Nitro Rally Ca…

Well, at least the official name just roll’s off the tongue for when you are asking for one at the local hobby shop! After posting the teaser pic then minutes later posting the details (sorry HPI, our bad). The official press release is out! The new HPI Racing  vehicle is the HPI RTR WR8 3.0 Ford Fiesta Abu Dhabi Castrol [...]



HPI WR8 3.0 Rally Car

Forget that HPI Racing  teaser pic, that’s like so 30 seconds ago!Here is some info on the new HPI WR8 3.0! It’s a 1/8th scale NITRO Rally Car! The official HPI part number is #106949. It’s RTR, 4WD, It will have waterproof servos, 2.4 GHz Radio system, and 3.0 HO Engine! Comments on for this one also.. now [...]