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Everybody’s Scalin’ – My Struggle With Beadlocks

Gonna be fast and loose this week as I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire and wanted to update all ye faithful as to what you can find on this portion of the interwebs very soon. From the pic above you can see what I’ve been doing at my desk all morning – assembling some 2.2 Pro-Line Denali wheels with [...]


XRay Pan Car

XRay X12 2015 Edition

With indoor carpet season just around the corner, XRay has announced their new 2015 X12 pan car kit. The ’15 edition of the X12 comes with plenty of updates to keep you at the front of the pack. An all new chassis leads the list, but numerous others make the X12 easier to drive, easier to work on, and more [...]


Hudy RC Car body fix

Hudy RC Car Body Fix and Protective Coating

If you bash hard, you destroy a lot of bodies. Now Hudy has a protective coating that can help keep your body in one piece. This specially formulated glue can be used to fix broken areas as well as protecting spots that tend to break or get worn down by tires or an exhaust pipe. The part number is #106280 [...]


XRay T4 2014

XRay T4 2014 Touring Car

When you think of high-end touring cars, the name XRay has to be at the top of the list. Their latest offering, the T4 2014 Edition, has just been announced and it features a slew of upgrades for more traction and improved steering. * All-new suspension holders * All-new suspension bushings * All-new chassis design * All-new top deck design * All-new arm design * All-new [...]


XRay X12 12th Scale Pan Car

XRay X12 1/12th Scale Pan Car Kit

Indoor season is upon us and with that many drivers like getting their rc on with lighting fast 12th scales. If you are a 12th scale pan car fan you might be interested in the latest car from XRay, their X12. The X12 is XRay’s latest and greatest pan car featuring an all new narrow chassis along with other improvements. [...]


XRay XB9E Electric 8th Buggy

XRay XB9E Electric 8th Scale Buggy

When XRay announced their new XB9 Nitro Buggy a few months ago you knew the electric version wouldn’t be far behind. Today XRay has announced the XB9E 8th scale electric buggy kit. It’s based off the nitro version but comes with a few updates to make sure it’s at the very front of the technology pack. Some of the features [...]


FX Royal Racing Engines

FX Royal Racing Nitro Engines

There is a new nitro engine company on the scene and it is called FX Royal Racing Engines. The man behind the company is Juraj Hudy who is best known for his work at X-Ray. FX Engines will be producing product targeted at the uber high end competition scene, but we know plenty of bashers who only buy “the best” [...]


THE Cub Report- 12.31.2012, Version- The Year That Was 2012,…

Being the last day of the year it’s only fitting that I write up my annual year in review. I not only looked back over the last 94 pages of posts here on BigSquidRC, but also called some of my industry homies to “boil down” how the year 2012 will go down in the rc history books. Lets dive in [...]


XRay XB4 10th Scale Electric 4wd Buggy Kit

XRay XB4 10th Scale 4wd Electric Buggy Kit

XRay has long been known as one of the ultra premium car manufactures in the rc world. XRay made their bones with top of the line touring cars, 18th scalers, and 8th scale off-roaders. Finally XRay has announced their first uber 10th scale 4wd off-road buggy, the XB4. The XRay team has gone to extraordinary lengths to make the new [...]


X-Ray XB4 4wd buggy teaser

X-Ray XB4 1/10th Scale 4wd Buggy Teaser

X-Ray has recently released a teaser for their upcoming 10th scale 4wd electric buggy, the XB4. This will be X-Ray’s first foray into a 10th scale dirt machine, and it should present quite a challenge to other buggies in its category like the Team Associated B44.1. The new XB4 is rumored to have- shaft drive, metal gear diffs, ultra fast [...]