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2020 XRay X12 RC Kit

2020 XRay X12 US & Euro Spec 1/12 Pan Cars

With indoor season rapidly approaching, XRay has dropped the 2020 X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit. The 2020 version brings a slew of upgrades and changes, here are the highlights- * Based on XRay’s FMAR, ROAR, and EFRA championship winning 1/12 platform * Available in two different versions- US & EU * Narrower chassis to scrub less speed in corners * New side-link mounting system * [...]


XRay 2019 X12

2019 XRay X12 US & EU Pan Cars

Recently announced by XRay is the 2019 edition of their X12. The X12 has a prestigious pedigree with the latest version featuring a slew of changes for more speed and durability. There are two different version of the new X12, one for the lower grip conditions of the EU, and the other for high-bite US style tracks. Here’s the scoop- * [...]


XRay X12 12th Scale Pan Car

XRay X12 1/12th Scale Pan Car Kit

Indoor season is upon us and with that many drivers like getting their rc on with lighting fast 12th scales. If you are a 12th scale pan car fan you might be interested in the latest car from XRay, their X12. The X12 is XRay’s latest and greatest pan car featuring an all new narrow chassis along with other improvements. [...]