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XRay XB8 2024 Nitro Race Buggy Kit

XRay 1/8 XB8 2024 Nitro Race Buggy Kit

The crew over at XRay have dropped full details on the 2024 edition of their 1/8 XB8 Nitro Race Buggy Kit. The 2024 edition gets a number of updates to increase durability, as well as speed. Here are the highlights- * All new shorter chassis with milled flex zones * Shorter rear center driveshaft * New 7075 Swiss aluminum shock towers * Multi-adjustable 3-in-1 [...]


XRay RC 2023 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

XRay 2023 1/8 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

The crew at XRay has officially announced their 2023 1/8 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit. Designed for high-end nitro racing, the latest version of the XB8 has all the latest in racing technology. Here are the highlights- * New front & rear semi-split bulkheads with quick differential access * Eccentric bushings used for diff height adjustments * Improved central drivetrain angle and height adjustment * [...]


2021 XRay XB8 8th Nitro Buggy Kit

2021 XRay XB8 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Are you ready for nitro season yet? We aren’t either with a foot of snow on the ground, but the crew at XRay have just dropped the much anticipated 2021 Edition of their XB8 1/8 nitro race buggy kit. The latest version of the XB8 received a slew of upgrades to make it more durable, and faster, than ever before. [...]


XRay 2017 XB8 Buggy

XRay 2017 XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

For all you hardcore off-road racers that have been waiting, XRay has announced full details on the 2017 edition of the XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit. Of course the 2017 version comes with a bunch of upgrades, changes that were made to help improve durability and to reduce lap times. Here are some the highlights- * Larger volume differentials * Larger 2.5mm diff [...]


XRay XB8 2016

2016 XRay XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

During the summer time, 8th scale nitro racing rules the outdoor tracks. To compete in the outdoor wars, XRay has announced the updated 2016 version of the XB8 Buggy Kit. The XB8 uses high-end construction materials and was designed for elite track performance. The latest edition of the XB8 has a plethora of all new parts, some of them include- * [...]


2016 XRay XB8

XRay 2016 XB8 Nitro On-Road Car

Some of the fastest, craziest, racing in the rc world is found in 1/8th scale on-road. 4wd 8th scalers are insanely fast, plus they can handle like they are on rails. Designed to win at any level of racing, the new 2016 XB8 from XRay is a great example of a high-end 8th scale nitro on-roader. Some of the updates [...]


XRay XB8 Buggy

XRay XB8 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Back in the day, the first XRay nitro buggies were named XB8, now they are bringing back the name for their latest creation. The 2014 XB8 is a high-end 8th scale buggy that is made from high grade materials and is designed with all the latest performance tricks. Some of its highlights include- * Unique XPBS front pivot ball suspension * Multi-Flex [...]