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XRay RC 2024 XB8E Buggy Kit

XRay 2024 1/8 XB8E Race Buggy Kit

Coming soon from XRay is the 2024 edition of their mighty XB8E Electric Race Buggy Kit. Designed to be the ultimate electric race buggy, the 2024 XB8E has what it takes to win at any level of competition. Here are the highlights- * Shorter chassis with improved layout * New center dog bone driveshafts * New Swiss 7075 aluminum shock towers * New shocks [...]


XRay RC 2023 8th XB8E Buggy Kit

XRay 2023 1/8 XB8E Buggy Kit

The news out of XRay today is all about their upcoming 2023 1/8 XB8E Buggy Kit. This electric powered beast has all the modern race technology that you crave. XRay has long been a leader in full-race rc cars and the 2023 version of the XB8E is capable of winning at even the highest levels of competition. Here are the [...]


XRay RC 2021 XB8E Buggy Kit

XRay Announces 2021 XB8E 1/8 Race Buggy Kit

After the announcement of their newly updated nitro buggy, XRay has also announced the 2021 XB8E Electric Buggy Kit. The XB8E has long been one of the best buggies in its class, now for 2021 it has received numerous updates to help keep it at the top. Here are the highlights- * Two different layout alternatives * Rear motor position with single [...]


XRay XB8E 2020 8th Electric Buggy

XRay XB8E 2020 1/8 Electric Buggy

Over at XRay they have announced the 2020 version of their 1/8 XB8E electric race buggy. As XRay has done for several years now, they have taken the 19′ edition and given it major updates for the new year. Have a look at just some of the XB8E’s updates for 2020- * +4mm longer chassis for increased stability * New more adjustable [...]


XRay 2019 XB8E Buggy Kit

2019 XRay XB8E 1/8 Buggy Kit

The crew over at XRay have been working hard on the new 2019 Edition of their XB8E electric race buggy. While not all new, it does feature a number of revisions for improved performance and durability. Look at these highlights- * 2-in-1 concept that includes both pivot ball & C-hub front suspension * New rear uprights with larger outside ball-bearings * A-arms made [...]


2018 XRay XB8E

2018 XRay XB8E Buggy Kit

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start building a new 1/8th buggy for racing this summer. On the higher-end side of things, XRay has just announced the 2018 version of their XB8E 1/8th electric buggy. The XB8E is a kit that has received numerous updates over the ’17, here are some of its highlights- * New [...]


XRay XB8E '17

XRay XB8E ’17 Electric 1/8 Buggy

Newly re-designed is the XRay XB8E ’17. The 2017 version of the XB8E features many of the updates that its nitro brother also received this year, offering both handling and durability enhancements. Here are some of the New XB8E’s highlights- * All new, high oil volume differentials * New trailing-axle steering blocks * New steering plates with improved geometry * Composite front top deck [...]


XRay XB8E 2016 Buggy Kit

2016 XRay XB8E Buggy Kit

Some consider the 8th scale brushless buggy class to be the epitome of rc racing. The buggies used in the class are incredibly fast, handle like they are on rails, and are usually quite durable. The latest entry into the class comes from XRay with the 2016 Edition of the XB8E. Like all things XRay, the 2016 XB8E is a [...]


XRay XB8E Buggy

XRay XB8E 1/8 Electric Buggy

For all you guys wanting to go reallyyyyy fast with a high-end buggy, XRay has announced their new XB8E. The XB8E is based off the nitro XB8 and was designed to be the best of the best. For the track it should put in some blazing lap times, for bashing, it should go huge with premium parts under the hood. [...]