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Bittydesign RC AR8-GT3 Body 7th Infraction XO-1

Bittydesign AR8-GT3 Clear Body for the 1/7 Infraction V2

Over at Bittydesign they have just dropped a 1/7th scaled version of their AR8-GT3 Clear On-Road Body. The new AR8-GT3 body was designed to fit the V2 ARRMA Infraction and comes standard with a hot, super car look. Check out these highlights- * Molded from 1.5mm genuine Lexan * Lexan wing with mounting hardware * Width – 310mm * Length – 690mm * Comes with [...]


Traxxas 2022 Updated XO-1

Traxxas Updates The XO-1!!!

Newly updated by Traxxas is the 2022 XO-1 Supercar! The XO-1 has long been known as one of the fastest out-of-the-box rc cars that money could buy, now it has been updated for even more speed! Here are the highlights- * 100+mph top speed * Improved aero balance * Increased downdforce * Traxxas TSM electronic stability management * Updated rear wing * High downforce canards * Rear [...]


Bittydesign Seven65 1-7 ARRMA Infraction-Limitless Body

Bittydesign Seven65 1/7 ARRMA Infraction-Limitless Body

Here ya go ARRMA fanatics, Bittydesign has just announced the Seven65 1/7 Infraction-Limitless clear body. The Seven65 has a hot supercar look that can give your ARRMA a trick new facelift. Here are the highlights- * Fits the 1/7 ARRMA Limitless and Infaction V2 * Made from 1.5mm thick genuine Lexan * Includes wing mounting hardware * Also compatible with the Traxxas XO-1 chassis * [...]


Traxxas XO-1 Video

Traxxas RC Supercar Speed Run 4K Video

Recently posted by Traxxas is a new promotional video for the mighty XO-1 Supercar. The video shows the XO-1 making high speed passes at a full scale drag strip, needless to say, the XO-1 can really haul. Since its introduction, the XO-1 has been considered one of the gnarliest cars on the planet, watch the video below to see just [...]


Traxxas XO-1 The Slow Mo Guys

Video – Traxxas XO-1 Bashing With The Slow Mo Guys

A new video featuring the Traxxas XO-1 Supercar is getting some serious views over on YouTube. The crew from The Slow Mo Guys got their hands on a couple of XO-1s and decided to bust out some hardcore on-road bashing while their 4k slow motion cameras filmed it all. Watch the above video to see the XO-1s drive through fire, [...]


Traxxas XO-1 Video

Video – Traxxas Supercar Canyon Run

The latest video to be posted by Traxxas features the XO-1 Supercar. Watch the video above to see the XO-1 ripping up a canyon run with its high power brushless system and supercar style handling. The Traxxas XO-1 is an absolute beast and the video does a great job of getting the blood pumping for some weekend on-road bashing. You can [...]


Traxxas XO-1 TSM Stability Management

Coming Soon – Traxxas XO-1 With Stability Management

Coming soon from Traxxas is a TSM equipped version of the XO-1 Supercar. The XO-1 already has a long list of features but the addition of Stability Control should come in quite handy when making high speed passes. TSM can be used to control wheel spin and steering direction on loose surfaces, helping to make the Traxxas Supercar easier to [...]