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Xpert R/C MI-3301 servo

Xpert R/C MI-3301HV Mini Steering Servo

New from Xpert RC is the MI-3301HV mini servo. Made to fit smaller applications like 12th scale pan cars, the 3301 has a one piece CNC machined center housing and uses a brushless motor inside. The 3301 has some pretty decent specs too, it is rated for 198.48 oz-in of torque with a speed rating of .06 (at 8.4 volts). The [...]


Xpert Low profile servos

New Low Profile Servos from Xpert RC USA

Get full sized servo performance with the weight and space savings of a low profile servo with the the new PI-3402 and PM-3402 from Xpert RC USA. Both servos feature stronger brushless motors and gear sets, with plenty of torque and speed for most applications. PI-3402 * Weight- 45g * Price- $104 * Speed @6.0V- .070 sec/60 * Torque @6.0V- 208.20 oz-in PM-3402 * Weight- 52g * Price- [...]


ASK Cubby

ASK Cubby, 01.29.2015, Version- Answer Sling’n Fool

“Question – Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance Buggy Hey Guys, I recently got back into RC cars. It’s been a while since I build my Tamiya Frog. I’ve been using a couple RTR’s and I decided to build another car. Decided to go with the Pro-Line PRO-2 Performance 1:10 Short Course Buggy Kit. I read articles on your site and wanted to say you guys [...]


Xpert WR-6601 Servo Review

Xpert WR-6601 HV Waterproof Servo Review – Product Spotlight

This time of year in the Midwest can be a mess, if it’s not raining every other day, it is snowing. As you already know as a hobbyist, water can be bad news for electronics. Recently the BigSquidRC Bash Crew got the opportunity to test one of the latest waterproof servos on the market, the Xpert WR-6601 HV. While its waterproofing [...]


Xpert WR-4401 Servo Review

Product Spotlight – Xpert WR-4401 Waterproof Servo

People still want fast servos with a a lot of torque, however, now days waterproofing is nearly a “must have” feature as well. Some of the latest high-end waterproof servos to hit the market come from Xpert RC. We been beating on one of the WR-4401 (.08 speed and 255 oz-in at 6v) waterproof servos for over a month. What [...]


Xpert WR waterproof servos

Xpert WR Waterproof Servos

Have you ever been bashing in a parking lot and “SPLASH!!!”, you just found the only water hole in a 5 mile radius? Yes we have too, if you aren’t prepared it could be an expensive mistake. The Xpert RC crew has just announced their new line-up of waterproof servos. There are three different models to work in everything from 1/10th [...]


Viper RC Xpert Servos

Viper RC Room at the HobbyTown Convention

To support the HobbyTown show, Viper RC had a room to show dealers their complete line-up of brushless equipment and their new Xpert line of servos. We were lucky enough to get a hold of Nick from Viper to give us the tour, and we learning a lot about the design philosophy that Viper uses on their products. The crew [...]


Vaterra halix upgrade servo xpert

Vaterra Halix Hop-Up Series Part #6 – Upgrading the Servo

While the stock servo in the Vaterra Halix works fine for general bashing, to go truly high performance a better servo needs to be installed. A better servo will not only be faster than the stock unit, but also have more power for keeping those big tires pointed where you intend them to be. For our Halix project we decided to [...]


Xpert RC Brushless Servo Review

Product Spotlight – Xpert RC Brushless SN-3301 Servo

Viper RC Solutions are best known for their electronic speed controls, but now they have gotten into the servo game with a line-up called Xpert RC. We have beeen using and abusing an Xpert SN-3301 servo for a few weeks now, here is what we found out. The Xpert SN-3301 is rated at .052 sec/60 degree at 6 volts, which is [...]


Viper Xpert Servo

Viper RC Announces Line of Xpert Servos

The crew over at Viper RC Solutions have announced they are now distributing the Xpert RC line of servos here in the USA. Xpert servos are designed for precision and quality, and have been proven winners in the hands of drivers like European Champion Lee Martin. All the servos in the Xpert line are brushless, making them highly efficient, low power [...]