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Hudy Dust Pan

Hudy Brush & Pan Clean Up Tool

Coming soon from Hudy is an extremely esoteric Brush & Pan clean up tool set. The Hudy crew went to extra lengths to make sure their dust pan set is far and away the best to ever hit the market. Featuring over 1000 bristles, the Hudy brush & pan set is the ultimate in sweeping performance. Check out these features- * [...]


XRay XB8E 2020 8th Electric Buggy

XRay XB8E 2020 1/8 Electric Buggy

Over at XRay they have announced the 2020 version of their 1/8 XB8E electric race buggy. As XRay has done for several years now, they have taken the 19′ edition and given it major updates for the new year. Have a look at just some of the XB8E’s updates for 2020- * +4mm longer chassis for increased stability * New more adjustable [...]


2020 XRay X1 F1 Car Kit

2020 XRay X1 F1 Car Kit

XRay has announced the 2020 edition of their X1 Formula 1 race car kit. The X1 has won many races around the world, for 2020, it has been upgraded to be better than ever before. * All new chassis with 3 wheelbase alternatives * New bulkheads * New top deck * New independent wing mount set * All new graphite rear pod You can use this [...]


XRay XB4 2020 Buggy Kit

XRay 1/10 XB4 2020 4WD Buggy Kit

XRay has long been known for producing high-end race products. Their latest is the 2020 edition of the XB4 race buggy. The engineers at XRay have performed numerous upgrades to make the 2020 XB4 the best yet. * Longer chassis for improved stability * Super narrow gear boxes * Narrow front & rear suspension holders * Steel crown gear, CNC machined pinion gear * New [...]


XRay RC XB2 2020 Buggy Kit

2020 XRay XB2 2wd 1/10 Buggy Kit

The crew over at XRay have dropped the 2020 edition of their XB2 buggy kit. Known for its speed indoors on high-bite tracks, the 2020 version comes with a loads of upgrades to increase speed and durability. * Dirt or carpet versions * New chassis with bent sides * New side guards * Tweak free battery holder * New graphite side guard braces * Super-narrow LCG [...]


2020 XRay X12 RC Kit

2020 XRay X12 US & Euro Spec 1/12 Pan Cars

With indoor season rapidly approaching, XRay has dropped the 2020 X12 1/12 Pan Car Kit. The 2020 version brings a slew of upgrades and changes, here are the highlights- * Based on XRay’s FMAR, ROAR, and EFRA championship winning 1/12 platform * Available in two different versions- US & EU * Narrower chassis to scrub less speed in corners * New side-link mounting system * [...]


MIP Bypass Shock Pistons 1/8 Buggy Tekno HB Racing

MIP 1/8 Xray & Tekno MIP Bypass1 Shock Pistons

New for all you Tekno and XRay 1/8 buggy owners are Bypass 1 Shock Pistons from MIP. Why do you need them? The Bypass 1 shock pistons allow you to adjust both rebound and compression damping, thus allowing you to completely dial in your shocks to a given track. * Different valves allow rebound adjustment * Stacking of valves used for [...]


XRay XT8E Truggy Kit

XRay XT8E 1/8 Electric Truggy Kit

New in XRay’s line-up of high-end race rigs is the 2019 XT8E. The XT8E is an 1/8th scale electric truggy kit that has been optimized for even greater performance out on the track. Here are the highlights- * New front C-hubs and steering blocks * New zero king pin steering block with exchangeable steering * 40% lighter wing mount * New front and rear [...]


XRay RC RX8E On-Road Kit

XRay RX8E 1/8 On-Road Kit

The electric 1/8th on-road class is one of the fastest in all of rc. The cars have outrageous power, as well as copious amounts of grip. The latest car to enter the class is the RX8E from XRay. The RX8E is based off of XRay’s highly competitive RX8 platform and was designed to put you on the top step of [...]


XRay XT4 1/10 RC Truggy

XRay XT4 1/10 4wd Truggy Kit

The crew at XRay have dropped full details on their new XT4 1/10 4wd truggy kit. At many local tracks across the country, the 4wd 1/10th truggy class really took off over the winter season. The new XT4 gets you ready to race for this summer. Here are some of the highlights- * Machined, premium-grade graphite shock towers * Premium Swiss 7075 [...]


XRay XT8 Nitro Truggy 2019

2019 XRay XT8 1/8 Nitro Truggy Kit

Coming this summer to a track near you is the 2019 edition of the XRay XT8 nitro truggy kit. The latest edition of the XT8 comes with a slew of upgrades to keep it at the front of the pack, here are the highlights. * New front suspension geometry * New c-hubs and steering blocks * New CVDs front and rear * Chassis now [...]



XRay GTXE 1/8 Electric GT Car Kit

Hot on the heals of the announcement of their 2019 nitro powered GTX, XRay has dropped details on their latest GTXE. The GTXE is a 1/8 electric powered GT race car that can also be used for some serious high speed bashing. Here are some of the new GTXE’s highlights- * Increased oil capacity in diffs * New front upper arms with [...]


XRay GTX8 Nitro RC Kit

XRay GTX8 1/8 Nitro On-Road Kit

New and shipping soon from XRay is the GTX8 1/8 nitro on-road kit. The GTX8 is based off of the XRay XB8 nitro buggy, but has been re-designed for serious on-road performance. Here are the highlights- * New larger capacity diffs * Reduced caster front upper arms * Harder lower arms * All new chassis fits hard or soft radio trays * Narrow rear suspension [...]


XRay 2019 XB8E Buggy Kit

2019 XRay XB8E 1/8 Buggy Kit

The crew over at XRay have been working hard on the new 2019 Edition of their XB8E electric race buggy. While not all new, it does feature a number of revisions for improved performance and durability. Look at these highlights- * 2-in-1 concept that includes both pivot ball & C-hub front suspension * New rear uprights with larger outside ball-bearings * A-arms made [...]


2019 XRay XB8 Nitro Buggy Kit

2019 XRay XB8 1/8 Nitro Buggy Kit

Newly revised by XRay is their 2019 XB8 nitro buggy kit. The XB8 has long been a top contender in the 1/8 buggy class, for 2019 it receives a bunch of updates for even more speed and durability. * 2-in-1 concept includes pivot ball & c-hub front suspension * All new c-hub front suspension * Soft and hard radio tray to adjust flex * [...]