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2018 Xray RX8

2018 Xray RX8 1/8 On-Road Kit

What is the fastest road course class that you can race on-road? That would be the 1/8th scale 4wd nitro class. What is a good car for the class? One of the very best over the years has been the XRay RX8. For 2018 XRay has given the RX8 numerous revisions to lower lap times, as well as to increase [...]


XRay 2018 NT1

XRay NT1 2018 Nitro Touring Car

Nitro touring car is not a huge class today, but it is still super competitive. To help you win your next race, XRay has announced the 2018 version of their NT1. The NT1 comes as a kit and is totally about high-end performance. Here are some of the 2018’s updates- * New chassis * Innovative front flex adjustment * New rear layshaft bulkheads [...]


2018 XRay XB8E

2018 XRay XB8E Buggy Kit

With spring just around the corner, now is the time to start building a new 1/8th buggy for racing this summer. On the higher-end side of things, XRay has just announced the 2018 version of their XB8E 1/8th electric buggy. The XB8E is a kit that has received numerous updates over the ’17, here are some of its highlights- * New [...]



XRay 1/8 GTXE Kit

While the XRay GTXE was designed for on-road racing, we can envision some of you guys snatching one up to convert into a speed run car. XRay has long been known for making some of the most esoteric cars in rc, the new GTXE looks like it totally lives up to that reputation. Here is the scoop- * 1/8 luxury electric [...]


XRay 2018 XB8

2018 XRay XB8 Nitro Buggy

The crew over at XRay have really been making a push lately, their latest new car announcement is the 2018 version of the XB8. The ’18 XB8 is ready for the nitro off-road wars coming up in the spring, here are some of its upgrades over the previous model- * New chassis designed with more space between wheels & side guards * [...]


XRay 2018 XT2 Kit

XRay 2018 XT2 Stadium Truck Kit

Have you been looking for a high-end stadium truck to race this winter? If so, they don’t get much more esoteric than the new 2018 XT2 from XRay. The 2018 version of the XT2 comes with carpet and dirt gearbox setups inside the box, thus making it easy to set the truck up for different track conditions. Here are more [...]


XRay X1 2018

XRay X1 2018 Formula 1 Kit

Today the new 2018 X1 has been announced by XRay. XRay, long known for high-end race machines, has updated the X1 in numerous ways to help keep you at the top of the podium. Here are some highlights- * New super narrow chassis * New steering blocks with improved Ackermann * Graphite servo holder * Newly designed graphite side link adapters * Tweak free pivot [...]


XRay XB4 2018

2018 XRay XB4 Buggy Kit

Filled with revisions, XRay has announced the 2018 Edition of the XB4 buggy kit. The XB4 is a high-end 1/10th 4wd race buggy that is the reigning world champion, the 2018 edition promises to be even better. Here are some of the updates that the ’18 XB4 is sporting- * Championship winning platform at every level * New side guards that allow [...]


XRay XB2C 2018 Buggy

XRay 2018 XB2C Buggy

Just announced by XRay is the 2018 edition of the XB2C. The “C” in the buggy’s name stands for carpet, meaning this is the purpose built carpet edition of their XB2 race machine. Here are some of its higlights- * 2.5mm 7075 T6 aluminum chassis * Graphite side guards * More narrow transmission * Narrower suspension holders * New rear end geometry * Gear diff with [...]


T-Bone Racing Front Shock Cap Guards XRay XB2

T-Bone Racing Front Shock Cap Guards XRay XB2

New from T-Bone Racing are Front Shock Cap Guards for the XRay ’17 XB2. The cap guards are made from a tough plastic, this helps to prevent damage to the top of the shock tower and the shock mounting hardware. Everything you need for a perfect install is included and the guards fit over the top of the caps via [...]


XRay T4 2018

XRay T4 2018 Touring Car Kit

With indoor carpet racing season just around the corner, XRay has released full specifications of their new flagship touring car, the 2018 edition of the T4. The T4 has long been praised for its high-end materials and engineer, the latest version features small revisions to make it even more competitive. * New ULP Ultra-low profile shocks * New ULP shock towers * New [...]


Pro-Line Velocity Wheels Associated B64

New Velocity Wheels From Pro-Line Racing

Just announced by Pro-Line are two new sets of Velocity front wheels for 4wd buggy. The new wheels fit the Team Associated B64 and the XRay XB4. Both new sets are priced at $7 per pair and are available in either white or yellow. Like all Velocity wheels, they were designed to be lightweight, yet durable, helping you to cross [...]


XRay X12 2018

XRay Announces The 2018 X12 Pan Car

Hey, what’s that? That is indoor season, it is right around the corner. If you are a seasoned hobbyist, then you already know that 1/12th scale has been a staple of indoor racing since the very beginning. To help put you at the front of the pack, XRay has announced the 2018 Edition of their X12 pan car. With a [...]


XRay X10 2018

2018 XRay X10 Pan Car

With indoor season just around the corner, XRay has announced the first of their 2018 line-up. The new ’18 X10 Pan Car from XRay comes with a slew of updates to keep it at the front of the pack. Here are some of its highlights- * All new ultra-narrow chassis * New aluminum rear bulkheads * Easier motor access * Harder front arms * New [...]


XRay XB8E '17

XRay XB8E ’17 Electric 1/8 Buggy

Newly re-designed is the XRay XB8E ’17. The 2017 version of the XB8E features many of the updates that its nitro brother also received this year, offering both handling and durability enhancements. Here are some of the New XB8E’s highlights- * All new, high oil volume differentials * New trailing-axle steering blocks * New steering plates with improved geometry * Composite front top deck [...]