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Yeah Racing Aluminum Shocks Axial SCX24

Yeah Racing Aluminum Shocks for the SCX24

Shipping soon from Yeah Racing are some very trick Aluminum Shocks for the Axial SCX24. The Yeah Racing shocks are a “piggyback” style to help give your truck a cool look, plus they were designed to work better than the stock units. The shocks come with an array of different springs to help dial them into the weight of your [...]


Yeah Racing Steering Enhancement Thumb Steering Lever

Yeah Racing Steering Enhancement Thumb Steering Lever

Over at Yeah Racing they are teasing a new Steering Enhancement Thumb Steering Lever. With more people using a camera while driving, and even more than that driving in hardcore off-road areas, one-handed driving has become quite common. Currently, only the Spektrum DX5 Rugged comes stock with a thumb-steering lever. However, Yeah Racing saw the need for a high-quality one-handed [...]



Hey everyone, this week has been full of, stuck in the house, RC work. A good portion of us in the states have been bunkered down to stay warm from the Mt. Everest like weather conditions. After this weeks weather the trip to Florida for the Ultimate Scale Truck Expo 2019 is looking better and better. And not being able [...]


Yeah Racing Desert Lizard Shocks

Video – Yeah Racing Desert Lizard Scale Shocks

To help promote their Desert Lizard scale off-road shocks, Yeah Racing has uploaded a new video. We have attached the video below, in it you get a good chance to watch the Desert Lizards hard at work mounted in a G-Made GOM. The shocks were designed to not only look scale, but to also help improve the performance of your [...]


Yeah Racing Traxxas TRX-4 Front Bumper

Yeah Racing Bumpers For The TRX-4

Are you looking to install some hop-ups on your new Traxxas TRX-4? You are? So are a whole lot of other people. New from Yeah Racing is a Aluminum Front Bumper and Aluminum Rear Bumper for the TRX-4. Both bumpers feature a scale appearance and are made from a durable aluminum alloy. The front bumper (#YA-0548) comes with a spot [...]


Yeah Racing 1.9 Inch Aluminum Heavy Duty Beadlock Crawler Wheels

Yeah Racing 1.9″ Aluminum Beadlock Crawler Wheels

Recently released by Yeah Racing are 1.9″ Aluminum Beadlock Crawler Wheels. These are heavy duty units designed for tough crawling conditions and are made from CNC machined aluminum. The new line-up of wheels include 5, 8 and 10 spoke designs that are available in different colors to personalize your rig. You can get full details on the wheels over [...]


Yeah Racing Aluminum Shock Absorb Wheelie Bar

Yeah Racing Aluminum Shock Absorber Wheelie Bar

Just announced by Yeah Racing is an Aluminum Shock Absorber Wheelie Bar. The wheelie bar is made to fit the Tamiya WR02, WR02G, and GF01, and it is said to make your vehicle more stable while holding long wheelies. The unit be run with one oil damped shock or with two, and can be adjusted by changing oil or shock [...]


Yeah Racing X Dinky RC Cantilever Suspension Kit

Yeah Racing Dinky RC Cantilever Suspension Kit

Coming soon from Yeah Racing is a Cantilever Suspension Kit for the SCX10/SCX10 II that was designed in collaboration with Dinky RC. The cantilever set-up is the cat’s meow for rigs running a flat bed body or if you are simply looking to have more articulation. To save you time the kit comes pre-assembled, all you have to do is [...]



Out in the wild: Yeah Racing Sprint2 RWD Drift Conversion Ki…

Yeah Racing hasn’t given up on the Sprint2 and their new RWD conversion kit has started landing in the US. My buddy Tommy of two tone dynasty/rare arts USA received one of the first kits in the USA and sent a few snaps and video of his initial tune – props for the share! #unitedwedrift With RWD cars, we [...]


Yeah racing car stand

Yeah Racing 1/10 On-Road Car Stand at rcMart

Coming soon to rcMart is the 1/10th On-Road Car Stand from Yeah Racing. The Yeah Racing stand looks really trick, which it should be having been made from carbon fiber and aluminum. Foam pads keep your 1/10th scale touring car from sliding off, while pre-drilled holes come in handy during shock rebuilds. The part number for the stand is #YT-0149BK and [...]


Product Spotlight - Yeah Racing Shock Gear aluminum damper s…

The Yeah Racing Shock Gear aluminum dampers are a low cost suspension tuning set for your 1/10th scale drifter or touring car. Low cost doesn’t mean low quality however. Just looking at the packaging you can tell that they mean business. This sub 30 dollar set of shocks includes four anodized threaded aluminum dampers, five sets of springs in different [...]


Yeah Racing – 1/10th scale adjustable jackstands

If you’re like me and always looking for scale goodies to dress up your track or photo diorama you might want to check out these scale jack stands from Yeah Racing. There seems to be a bit of confusion on the manufacturer website about weather these are 3 ton or 6 ton. I can tell you that since these things [...]


Yeah Racing – GC301 drift gyro spotlight

What’s up drifters? Evol here with some more cool kit for your RC drift car. This week I got the new Yeah Racing GC301 drift gyro to help you get your slide on. It’s a funny thing about gyros, some consider them cheating, but on RWD they are considered almost necessity. On the 4WD side of things I used [...]


Scale Road Barriers from Yeah Racing

More scale drift track stuff? You’d think I would get sick of this stuff but I just cant get enough! Yeah Racing teased these 3D printed track barrier prototypes on their Facebook page last December and I’ve been waiting for them to come out ever since. It seems they are very close to coming to market as there have been [...]


Yeah Racing TRON LED Light Kit

Yeah Racing Tron LED Wire Light Kit

Do you want your car to really stand out at the next big bash? The people over at Yeah Racing have something perfect for you, their TRON LED Wire Light Kit. This light kit comes with a flexible LED strip to follow the contours of your car (or truck) and you can mix different colors. Speaking of colors, there are [...]