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RC4WD Aluminum Knuckles Yeti XL

RC4WD Aluminum Upgrades For The Yeti XL

Recently announced by RC4WD are Knuckle Carriers and Front Knuckles for the Yeti XL. Both units are made from CNC machined billet aluminum and are anodized in black for a tough look. The RC4WD logo has been laser etched into the parts and they should be considerably beefier than the stock units. The carriers and the knuckles are [...]


RPM Front Tower Axial Yeti XL

RPM Front Shock Tower For The Axial Yeti XL

New from RPM is a Front Shock Tower for the Axial Yeti XL. The tower is made from RPM’s uber blend of nylon and adds more support to the camber link ears and shock mounts to aid in durability. RPM stands firmly behind their work, therefore a lifetime warranty comes standard with the tower. Street price for the tower is just [...]


Yeti XL Green Body

Axial Yeti XL Y-480 Green GeoCamo Body

Add a cool new look or simply replace that beat old Yeti XL body of yours with a new Green GeoCamo unit from Axial Racing. The body is completely pre-painted and pre-cut, making for a quick and easy install. * Comes with hood, roof, and side panels * Includes decal sheet * Made from .040 polycarbonate The body is street priced at $89, [...]


T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Axial YETI XL

T-Bone Racing Chassis Skid Plate For The Axial YETI XL

Slide your Axial Yeti XL right over those gnarly rocks sections with a new Chassis Skid Plate from T-Bone Racing. The skid plate is made from TBR’s durable nylon and comes with all the hardware you need for an easy install. The skid plate is street priced at $29, it has a part number of #12019, and they are available right [...]


TheToyz Hot Racing GPM Axial Yeti XL

Project – TheToyz Axial Yeti XL Mega-Basher

We were blown away by the Axial Yeti XL when we first reviewed it. It was huge, it had incredible scale looks, and it loved to go huge or go home. A few months later we received the kit version and we were further impressed. However, just like every one of you out there, no matter how good a vehicle [...]


Vanquish KMC 3.8

Vanquish Has KMC 3.8″ Rockstar XD811 Wheels

Looking for a really trick set of wheels for your Traxxas 3.8 truck? Check out the new officially licensed KMC 3.8″ Rockstar XD811 wheels that are over on the Vanquish site. The KMC’s have 17mm hexes making them an easy bolt on for trucks like the Traxxas Revo/Maxx, Axial Yeti XL, and Thunder Tiger MT4 G3. * Made from [...]


Axial SCX10 Wheel Wells

More SCX10 and Yeti XL Upgrades from Axial

Our friends over at Axial Racing have sent out a press release with their latest goodies for the SCX10 and the Yeti XL. First up are Clear Polycarbonate Wheel Wells for the SCX10. These are molded from .040″ polycarbonate and give your truck the full body look that many scalers are after. They have a part number of #AX31150 and are [...]


Axial Yeti XL Upgrade Parts

Yeti XL Goodies from Axial Racing

The good guys over at Axial Racing have put out a press release to announce that a bunch of Yeti XL Option Parts are shipping right now for your bashing pleasure. The list of parts includes- * AX31251 Yeti XL Front Sway Bar Set (Soft, Medium, Firm) $30 * AX31252 Yeti XL Rear Sway Bar Set (Soft, Medium, Firm) $45 * AX31039 [...]


Aluminum Upgrades Axial Yeti XL Hot Racing TheToyz

Box Full of Uberness - Aluminum Upgrades for the Yeti XL fro…

We are just like you guys, when we going bashing with the crew, we like to push the limits. While our review Axial Yeti XL Kit proved to be quite tough, when the going gets extreme (like at the end of the day), every vehicle could use some beefing up. We got with the folks over at to see what [...]


Yeti XL axle housings from Vanquish Products

Well the new is barely worn off of our review unit Yeti XL so we knew the aftermarket would not be far behind. Popular Axial upgrade artists Vanquish Products have been hard at work developing their new aluminum scale axle housing for the XL. These should be a nice bump in durability for the beast of a machine. Features: -Aluminum bearing retainer [...]


TBR Axial Yeti XL

T-Bone Racing Axle Skid Plate for the Axial YETI XL

Tired of the body falling down while wrenching on your Axial Yeti XL? The folks over at T-Bone Racing have come up with a cure! Their new Rear Axle Skid Plate for the Yeti XL not only protects the axle, but also clips into the body to keep it open while wrenching. The skid plate is made from durable nylon [...]


Axial Yeti XL Kit Review

Axial Yeti XL Monster Buggy Kit Review

The Axial Yeti XL Monster Buggy is a big, nasty, bashing machine. First introduced as a RTR, the Yeti XL is now available in Kit Form. Is the kit easy to build? Is it any different than the RTR? Is it worth your hard earned cash? Read on to find out the scoop on the Yeti XL Kit… From: Axial [...]


TBR Axial Yeti XL Bumper

T-Bone Racing Basher Front Bumper for the Axial Yeti XL

If you are a bashing lunatic like we are, a big, beefy front bumper can help prevent breaking some parts when you slam into a curb. Bumper specialists T-Bone Racing have just announced one of their Basher Series Front Bumpers for the Axial Yeti XL. Like their other products, the bumper is made from extremely tough nylon and comes with [...]


Build Log Axial Yeti XL Kit

Build Log – Axial Yeti XL Kit

Our full review of the Axial Yeti XL Kit goes up next week, until then we are posting some pictures from the build process. Overall the Yeti XL went together very well with no need to shave down parts to prevent binding and there were no parts missing, making for an easy build. In total it took us roughly 16 [...]


Axial Yeti XL Kit Unboxing

Most people don’t have a favorite tape color. Ours is green! Whenever the UPS guy shows up and I can see that green wrapped box, my heart starts to race. Yep, we got our hands on the new Axial Yexi XL Kit! We were pleasantly surprised to see five real tires and rims, giving us a legit spare. Another surprise [...]