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ZooRacing RC Gorilla MAX FWD Body

ZooRacing 1/10 Gorilla MAX 190mm FWD Clear Body

Recently announced by ZooRacing is the 1/10 Gorilla MAX FWD Clear Body. Made for FWD racing, the Gorilla Max clear body has a nicely scaled look and comes in clear awaiting your custom livery. Here are the highlights- * CAD designed * Specialised FWD body shell with balanced front-to-rear downforce * Low-profile design for higher top and corner speeds * Large wheel arches allows [...]


ZooRacing Wolverine MAX Touring Car Clear Body

ZooRacing Wolverine MAX 1/10 Touring Car Clear Body

New over at ZooRacing is the Wolverine MAX 1/10 Touring Car Clear Body. The Wolverine MAX has been substantially modified from the previous version to improve handling and to make the body more dynamic. Here are the highlights- * Improved aerodynamic efficiency * Overall length has been shortened for less inertia & better rotation * Steeper hood and front area to improve steering * [...]


ZooRacing Anti Touring Car Clear Body

ZooRacing “Anti” Touring Car Clear Body

New and hot from ZooRacing is the Anti clear touring car body. The Anti was designed for extreme touring car performance with its LCG design. Here are more highlights- * Designed for increased downforce and a more planted rear end * CAD designed * Designed for more realism along with less aerodynamic drag * Sculptured hood and grille details * Updated Wolverine-style roof section for [...]


ZooRacing Bwoah GT LMH Clear Body RC

ZooRacing Bwoah GT LMH Clear Body

Over at ZooRacing they have released the Bwoah GT LMH clear on-road body. The Bwoah was sized to fit 190mm wide touring cars and has a gnarly supercar look. Here are more highlights- * Large wheel wells to fit GT sized tires * Super slim cabin * Designed for the lowest possible center of gravity * Balanced front-to-rear downforce * Structured rear for anti-tuck capabilities * [...]