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Takara Tomy and Sony Sugar Soda RC!

sony ene bio engine Takara Tomy sony ene bio engine Takara Tomy

Ok, sign me up! We recently talked about concept RC vehicles, well here’s one! It’s from a company called Takara Tomy and they are using the new Sony Bio-Battery technology to create the ENE Pocket RC vehicle! It’s a ‘green’ rc vehicle that runs on liquids! The higher in sugar content, the more power it has! Basically, you use a dropper to put a sugary liquid in the top, and it converts that energy to run the vehicle! It’s still in the early protype stages, but it’s pretty cool! My guess is your gonna need some serious super Red Bull to run a monster truck! LOL. Here’s a video of it in action!

I want one! Someone hurry up and get these into production!

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Posted by in Batteries on Wednesday, January 27th, 2010 at 12:17 am