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Tamiya BBX BB-01 Chassis Buggy Kit

Tamiya 1/10 BBX (BB-01 chassis) Buggy Kit

Today the big news out of Tamiya is the announcement of their upcoming 1/10 BBX (BB-01 chassis) Buggy Kit. The BBX is an all new design, which should be great news for the Tamiya faithful, as well as anyone who enjoys backyard bashing. Ready for some highlights?

* All new design!
* Combination of classic design and modern performance
* Brand-new chassis, styled like 1980’s sand rail dune buggies
* Hybrid monocoque-roll cage with rear trailing arm suspension
* Body designed by famous Japanese artist Atsushi Arino
* Classic 1980’s inspired livery
* Retro styled wheels and tires
* Three piece, 0.7mm polycarbonate body
* New front double wishbone suspension
* 2WD chassis with rear motor position
* CVA oil aluminum aeration dampers
* TA06 rear oil-filled gear differential
* Full bearing set
* Universal drive shafts
* Rear roll cage can be removed via screws
* New metal-plated bead lock type wheels
* New large-diameter tires
* Includes driver figure and light cases

The Tamiya BBX Buggy Kit is retail priced at $365 and has a part number of #58719.

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