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Tamiya 1/14 Mercedes-Benz Actros - 1851 GigaSpace

Tamiya 14th Scale Mercedes-Benz Actros 1851 GigaSpace Kit

Tamiya 1/14 Mercedes-Benz Actros - 1851 GigaSpace
Here is a unique new kit from Tamiya, the 14th Scale Mercedes Benz Actros 1851 GigaSpace. To go for the most detailed body possible, Tamiya molded the body out of ABS plastic. Another cool feature of the GigaSPace is its 3 speed transmission. This rig will not only look trick pulling your other rc cars around, but more than one BSRC bash crew member has already started planning on mounting up monster truck and/or crawling tires on it. Some of its other features and specifications include-

* Scale: 1/14 scale
* Construction type: Kit
* Drive-train: 2-axle semi
* Drive type: gearbox
* Drive line: solid axle
* Differential type: gear
* Suspension: leaf spring
* Steering mechanism: bell-crank
* Shock damper: friction damper
* Shock damper material: aluminum
* Tire type: rubber
* Body material: ABS Plastic
* Chassis material: plastic
* LED Light buckets: yes
* LED lights: no
* Motor: 540-brushless type
* Bearings: metal bushings
* Fixed- Camber, toe, wheelbase, shock angles
* Adjustable gear ratio: 3-speed transmission
* Special feature 1: Length: 458mm, Width: 195mm, Height: 305mm.
* Special feature 2: Ladder frame chassis can be linked with a semi-trailer via coupler.
* Special feature 3: Highly-realistic suspension recreated with metal leaf springs and friction dampers.
* Special feature 4: Built-in differential gears enable smooth cornering.
* Special feature 5: LEDs can be used to accurately recreate the truck’s front and rear lights. (Sold Separately)
* Special feature 6: Float-mounted die-cast front axle and reinforced resin rear axle.
* Requires: Battery, charger, 4 channel radio, ESC, tools, and paint
* Part #56335

Retail price is listed at $660 and they are due to hit hobby shops later this month. Hit up the official Tamiya Website for more information.

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