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Tamiya TA08 Pro Touring Car Kit

Tamiya TA08 Pro Touring Car Kit

Today the crew at Tamiya released more details on their upcoming TA08 Pro Touring Car Kit. The TA08 Pro continues the evolution of Tamiya’s TA series and comes with a slew of upgrades. Here are more highlights-

* 2 belt 4WD system
* Chassis features a stepped V design
* Spur gear located in front of motor to increase stability
* TRF420 gear differentials
* Steel TA07 differential joint cups
* Laid down dampers
* Supplied with super short big bore shocks
* Universal shafts and full bearings
* Easily adjustable body posts
* Part number- #58693
* Battery & servo positioned on about 10 degrees of angle to optimize weight distribution

There are more details still coming on the TA08 Pro, until then you can use this link to learn more over on Tamiya’s Official Website.

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