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Tamiya TRF419X WS Touring Car

Tamiya TRF419X WS Touring Car

Coming soon from Tamiya is the TRF419X WS Touring Car. The WS version of the TRF419X comes in kit form with a number of revision over the original to enhance its performance on high bite surfaces.

* Comes with new 2mm aluminum chassis along with the original 2.15mm carbon fiber unit
* Comes with 2 top decks, a new 1.75mm carbon fiber unit and the original at 2mm
* Lower front and rear shock towers permit the use of lower bodies
* Slotted aluminum battery mounts
* Carbon fiber shock towers secured with 2 screws for more flex
* Carbon fiber and aluminum servo mount
* Updated sway bar mounts
* Detached inner camber link mounts

The new Tamiya has a MSRP of $1,133, a part number of #42311, and more details can be found on Tamiya’s Website.

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