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Tattu TA1200U LiPo Battery Charger

Tattu TA1200U Charger For 6S/12S/14S Lipo Batteries

New over at Tattu RC is the beefy TA1200U Charger For 6S/12S/14S Lipo Batteries. This monster of a battery charger has a maximum charge rate of 30 amps and can charge packs up to 14S in cell count. Here are more highlights-

* Capable of charging 2 sets of lithium batteries simultaneously
* Maximum output 750W under 100-120V, 1200W under 180-240V per channel
* Charging current is adjustable between 10A, 20A and 30A
* Over current, over charging, and over temperature safety cut off
* Can connect up to 5 sets of batteries simultaneously
* Real time charging status, charging voltage, charging current
* Shows charging time, battery capacity and cell voltage
* Input Power – 100-240V 18A 50/60Hz
* Cell Count – 6S/12S/14S
* Dual Channel (10 Channels with 2 charging managers)
* Balance Tolerance – ±20mV
* Equipped with cooling fans
* Size – 325 × 190 × 280.5mm
* Weight ≈9.2kg

The Tattu TA1200U Battery Charger is shipping right now with street pricing of $749 and a part number of #TAA1200U.

Mash This Link to read more Tattu news on BigSquidRC.


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