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Team Associated RC 8th RC8T4e Team Kit

Team Associated 1/8 RC8T4e Team Kit

Coming soon to a hobby shop near you in November is the Team Associated 1/8 RC8T4e Team Kit. Designed for high level electric 1/8 truck racing, the RC8T4e is ready to help you crush your competition. Here are the highlights-

* New chassis layout with four different battery configurations
* Centrally mounted center differential with in-line center driveshafts
* New 8 degree steering blocks
* New wider upper suspension arm pivot
* New gearboxes specific to front and rear with larger bearing sizes
* New front shock tower design with updated suspension geometry
* Center dogbone style driveshafts for improved drivetrain efficiency
* New rear wing mount with adjustable wing angle shims
* More vertical fins on rear wing for increased straight-line stability
* New rear chassis brace is mounted centrally to the gearbox
* New +2 mm and +4 mm shock rod ends
* New 35.5 mm front & 44.5 mm rear shock shafts for improved dampening
* New symmetrical rear hubs
* V3 differentials with 46T ring and 10T pinion gears
* RC8T3.2 split center diff mounts with aluminum center top plate
* 16mm shocks equipped with improved material locking spring cups & rod ends

The Team Associated RC8T4e Team Kit has a part number of #80948 and is street priced at $685.

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