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Team Associated Factory Team 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System

Team Associated 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System

Shipping right now from Team Associated is an all new 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System. The new clutch makes it easy to make setting changes without removing your engine. The AE clutch allows you to adjust the tension of the clutch springs via a small set screw that engages a spring cam, thus allowing you to make lighting fast clutch adjustments without having to change springs.

* Patent pending design
* Adjustable flywheel and spring cam
* Spring cam made from hardened steel
* Flywheel made from hard anodized aluminum
* Fits most 1/8 nitro buggy and truggies

The part number for the Team Associated 4-Shoe Adjustable Clutch System is #81420 and it is street priced at $99.

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