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Associated ESS-One Engine Sound System

Team Associated ESS-One Engine Sound System for RC Cars

Associated ESS-One Engine Sound System
Electric is missing two big things that nitro has- 1. the smell, and 2. the sound. While Associated’s new ESS-One Engine Sound System might not provide that glorious nitro smell, it should be dialed to bring realistic sound to your electric powered rc car.

The ESS-One was designed to be easy to install in nearly any rc vehicle. It also comes loaded with 25 different engine sounds, as well as 20+ auxiliary sounds like turbo, sirens, and horns. Think of the fun you can have down at your local track by beeping the horn as you blow by someone on the main straight, or hitting the siren as you hunt down the guy that just hacked you.

The sound system is street priced at $99, has a part number of #29260, and they are shipping right now. Get more details at This Link over on Associated’s website.

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