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Team Associated RC10B6 B6D

Team Associated RC10B6 And RC10B6D Buggies

BIG news for all you Team Associated fans, they have just announced the RC10B6 and RC10B6D buggies! A lot of people have been patiently waiting for the 6 series to arrive, now it is nearly here in two different forms! So what’s the scoop?

* The 6D is intended for dirt use, while the 6 was designed for higher bite surfaces
* The 6 comes with the new laydown 3 gear transmission, while the 6D comes with the stand-up 3 gear
* Both are mid-motor designs
* The 6 comes with a gear diff while the 6D comes with a ball type unit
* Gull wing arms come standard on the 6, straight arms on the 6D
* The 6 has the ability to mount shocks on front or rear of the rear arms
* The 6D has more of a rear weigh bias for looser surfaces

The RC10B6 has a part number of #90011 while the RC10B6D is #90012. Both are expected to start shipping in June priced at $309. Get all the glorious details at This Link on Associated’s website.

It is Finally here, Happy Friday! Right Here is the first Mystery Link of the day (night???)!


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