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Team Associated TC6.1 Factory Team Worlds Car Kit

Team Associated TC6.1 Factory Team Worlds Car Kit

Team Associated TC6.1 Factory Team Worlds Car Kit
Here is some big news out of Southern California, Team Associated has announced their new TC6.1 Factory Team Worlds Car Kit. This is the latest update of their TC6.1 platform and includes several updates to improve an already dialed car. Some of the features and specs of Associated’s latest touring car include-

* 10th scale 4wd electric touring car kit
* Ultra-narrow 2.25mm-thick carbon-fiber chassis
* Factory Team vertical ballstud bearing caps
* Carbon-fiber shock towers
* Stiffer and stronger suspension arms that allow for finer shock adjustments
* Hubs and caster blocks use integrated inserts for adjustable caster/toe angles
* H.D.R.C. (High Definition Roll Control) system
* Lightweight rear gear diff
* Front spool
* Replaceable composite outdrives
* Offset arm mounts help increase durability and minimize shims needed
* Chassis optimized for LiPo batteries and brushless motors
* Symmetrical bulkhead layout
* Multi-position steering system to fine-tune Ackermann steering rates
* VCS3 Shocks with hard-anodized threaded shock bodies
* Titanium turnbuckles with new ballcup eyelets for easy access to ball stud
* 16 precision ball bearings
* Cross-compatibility with TC6 chassis components
* Does not include electronics, body or wheels/tires
* Length: 381mm (15in)
* Width: 190mm (7.48in)
* Wheelbase: 255mm (10.04in)
* Weight: 1375g (3.03 lbs)
* Internal Gear Ratio: 2.0:1

Street price is $399 and you should be able to pick one up at your local hobby shop later this month. For more information hit up Associated’s official WEBSITE.

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