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Team Corally RC Pit Mats

Team Corally Announces New Pit Mats

New from Team Corally are 2 New Pit Mats, as well as a new Mouse Pad. All three items are great for use while wrenching and can not only make wrenching easier, but also a lot more stylish.

* Team Corally Mouse Pad – 3mm thick, 210 x 260mm, #C-90274
* Team Corally Small Pit Mat – 2mm thick, 600 x 400mm, #C-90277
* Team Corally Medium Pit Mat – 3mm thick, 900 x 600mm, #C-90278

The Team Corally Pit Mats are priced from €4 to €20.

Mash Here to read more Team Corally news on BigSquidRC.


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Posted by in New Products on Friday, August 12th, 2022 at 5:52 pm