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Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S RTR Large Scale Buggy

Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S RTR Large Scale Buggy

New from the good folks at Team Corally is the large scale Asuga XLR 6S RTR Buggy. The Asuga is 15% larger than a normal 1/8th scaled buggy and has been designed for big performance, as well as big durability. Here are the highlights-

* Razor-sharp handling, amazing acceleration, and unsurpassed durability
* Increased ground clearance and massive suspension travel
* Completely new 3mm thick, aluminum chassis
* 70% parts compatibility with existing Corally 1/8 scale models
* Powerful Kuron 825 4-pole, 2050kV, sensorless brushless motor
* Ultra rigid hybrid central chassis brace system
* CNC-machined adjustable aluminum motor mount
* Aluminum and steel center diff assembly
* Massive 16mm big bore, threaded aluminum, oil-filled shocks
* Hard shock springs with heavy-duty 4mm tuned pistons
* 5mm thick, CNC-machined aluminum front and rear shock towers
* Massive heavy-duty composite suspension arms
* Front upper arms feature unique aero control kit for additional downforce
* Extreme 8mm-thick aluminum suspension pin holders
* Heavy duty composite steering blocks, new pillow ball securement features
* Oversized composite rear hubs
* Three fluid-filled differentials with CNC spiral-cut metal input and main gears
* Durable, hardened S2 steel drive joints and axles
* Rubber sealed ABEC-3 ball bearings
* Chassis skid plates with integrated modern front bumper
* Low-profile 130mm Sprint RXA high-grip tires designed for 6S power
* CT2R pistol grip 2.4 GHz transmitter
* 6S-capable Torox 185 ESC with LVC and user-adjustable BEC
* HV7225 high-speed steering servo with metal gears and 25Kg of torque
* Available in three colors

The Team Corally Asuga XLR 6S RTR is shipping right now with street pricing of €659 and a part number of #C-00288.

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