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Team Corally Pinion Gear Holders

Team Corally Pinion Gears and Pinion Caddies

The crew over at Team Corally want you to know about their huge line-up of Pinion Gears and Pinion Caddies. One of the most important tuning tools that you have as a hobbyist is gear changes. Team Corally has many different sizes of pinions, in a wide variety of different pitches, to fit virtually any application. Also, their pinion caddies are some of the best on the market and are made from CNC machined aluminum to last you a lifetime.

Team Corally Pinion Gears

* 64 pitch – Aluminum or steel
* 48 pitch – Aluminum or steel, short or long shaft
* 32 pitch – Steel with either 5.0 or 3.17mm bore
* Mod 0.6 pitch – Hardened steel
* Mod 1 pitch – Steel with either 5.0 or 8.0mm bore

Team Corally Pinion Caddies

* 8 different models ranging from 11 to 23 pinions

To get full details on all of Corally’s Pinion Gears, simply click the link. Also, you can Click Right Here to read more Corally news on BigSquidRC.


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