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Team Durango DETC410V2 Touring Car

Team Durango DETC410V2 Touring Car

New from Team Durango is their updated DETC410V2. The second version of the DETC410 has a bunch of changes from the previous unit to make it stiffer, stronger, and faster. Some of the changes on the version 2 include-

* New front spool for greater durability
* Gold anodized motor mount for increased durability
* New screw design on motor mount to eliminate tweak
* Comes with 3 different spurs for stock to mod racing
* Smoother rear gear diff
* New ball cups made with better precision
* Stiffer V2 plastic used on arms and hubs
* Less un-sprung weight

The DETC410V2 is street priced at $399 and you can hit up This Link for more details on the official Durango website.

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