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Team Durango DEX210v3 Buggy

Team Durango DEX210v3 Buggy

Just ahead of the DEX210F dropping, Team Durango has released full details on the newly refined DEX210v3 buggy. The latest version of the 210 takes an already solid platform and makes it even more competitive. Here are some of the highlights on the v3-

* Patent pending multi-axle driveshafts
* Comes with both 12 and 14mm wheel hexes
* Can be run 3 or 4 gear mid or rear motor
* Can be run with saddle, stick or shorty packs
* Hard anodized aluminum chassis
* Advanced aerodynamically designed body shell
* Precision ball diff
* 12mm big bore shocks

The version 3 is street priced at just $249, it has a part number of #TD102042, and full details can be found over on Durango’s Official Website.

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