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Futaba Bari Musawwir

Team Futaba Signs Bari Musawwir

The crew over at Futaba have sent out a press release with their latest driver signing, Bari Musawwir. While Bari is a professional full sized monster truck driver, he is also big into the hobby of rc cars. It sure is cool to see Futaba sign Bari and it was interesting to read in the press release how he uses some of his rc car experience to help set-up his full sized rig.

Here is the full press release from Futaba

“Champaign, IL, March 23, 2017 – Bari Musawwir, a professional monster truck driver, is joining Team Futaba. For him, the combination of RC and full-scale professional driving is fulfilling a lifelong dream.

Musawwir is getting to do exactly what he dreamed of as a kid. He grew up in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, building plastic models, drawing and designing his own cars, and modifying them. When he got a little older, he started racing RC cars competitively.

RC helped get Musawwir into professional driving, and also helps him in the full-scale arena. It’s “almost like a simulator because the laws of physics and inertia still apply. You jump an RC vehicle just like a full size truck. I take that knowledge and experience and apply it to what I’m doing in the monster truck. It really helps out; you can set up for a turn the same way you set up a turn in an RC vehicle.”

With a career that has taken him to many countries, earned him awards, and will undoubtedly provide insights into upcoming RC races with Team Futaba, Musawwir really is living the dream.

Team Futaba is looking forward to seeing his talents displayed for the RC community in the upcoming season. Please join us in welcoming him to the team, and follow Futaba on Facebook for news and updates.”

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