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Team Magic E4RS III+ Touring Car

Team Magic E4RS III+ Touring Car

For all you high-end touring car guys, Team Magic has announced the E4RS III+. The III+ has a bunch of updates that were designed to increase corner speed, improve steering, and to increase the precision of the car. What are some of the changes?

* New chassis and top deck
* New floating steering system & servo mount
* Optimized flex characteristics
* New lower and upper bulkheads
* New lower motor mount
* New suspension arm mounts & angles
* New reduced friction Bando belts
* New anti-roll bar mounts
* New ultra-stiff towers
* New shocks
* Double jointed front driveshafts

The E4RS III+ is expected to start shipping in the next couple of weeks and you can hit up This Link for full details.

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