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Team Magic E4RS4

Team Magic E4RS4 Touring Car Kit

After just having posted the new touring car from ARC, we are now posting the E4RS4 from Team Magic. You bashers know Team Magic from their epic monster trucks, but they are also extremely serious about their racing. Their newest touring car is a high-end race machine should you decide to do some indoor carpet racing this winter. Here are some of its highlights-

* New Symetric Flex chassis & upper deck
* New flex management one piece motor mount
* New bulkheads
* New suspension arm angles
* Reinforced c-hubs
* Zero play arms
* New 7075 black anodized pivot balls & turnbuckles
* Low friction Bando belts
* New heat treated front spool
* Gear diff in the rear
* No blade double jointed front driveshafts
* Symetric Flex floating steering system
* LCG shock towers & big bore shocks
* Low rebound shock caps
* Teflon coated shock bodies
* Low friction bearings

The E4RS4 has a part number of #507018 and full details await you over on the Team Magic Website.

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