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Team Orion Digital Balancer

Team Orion Digital BalancerGot LiPos? Got a LiPo charger? Don’t have a balancer? Check this new Digital Balancer from Team Orion.  It’s a small module that will auto balance your LiPo and LiFe packs from 1-6S (wait… 1S lipos need to be balanced?).  The digital display will tell you the voltage of each cell independently and total pack voltage.  You can use the Digital Balancer to balance your cells after you charge them or while they’re charging.  It’s a simple plug-n-play solution.

No word on availability or price, but “soon” and “not a lot” are probably acceptable, the product number is ORI30136. Keep an eye on Team Orion’s web site for more info.

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Posted by in Batteries, Lipo, Team Orion on Monday, April 19th, 2010 at 6:11 pm