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Team Redcat TR-MT8E BE6S Monster Truck

Team Redcat TR-MT8E BE6S Monster Truck

One of the newest trucks in the Team Redcat line-up at Redcat Racing is the TR-MT8E BE6S Monster Truck. So what’s the scoop on the BE6S? Well, it is essentially a highly upgraded version of the MT8E, a truck we reviewed last fall and really liked. The BE6S is an 8th scale MT that comes RTR, making it fast and easy to get bashing. Here are some of its highlights-

* 6S Waterproof 150 amp Hobbywing ESC
* Center diff with steel case
* Aluminum gearbox
* Aluminum motor mount
* Spiral cut bevel gears
* 5mm thick shock towers
* Low profile tires on larger wheels

Pricing for the TR-MT8E BE6S is $759 and you can hit up This Link to get more details.

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