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Teamsaxo 6 wheel Innovative F1-future

Teamsaxo 6 wheel Innovative F1-Future

With Formula 1 being one of the most popular on-road classes this winter, we are starting to see more and more unique cars for the class. One of the latest comes from Teamsaxo with their Tyrrell inspired Innovative F1-Future. The IFF is designed with two sets of front wheels for a unique look and to give it plenty of steering in the corners. The early renderings also show it with a futuristic looking body to give it a truly unique look out on the track.

* Wheelbase- 296mm
* Width- 199mm
* Overall length- 417mm

The price point and release date have yet to be announced but you can hit up
This Link over on the official Teamsaxo website for a few more details.

Check out This Link for more F-1 news on BigSquidRC.


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